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Keep It Simple with “Flawless in Five” by Beautycounter

My favorite cosmetics brand has this set of products that makes it easy to do your makeup in just 5 minutes. Personally, I love this idea because whenever I’m putting on makeup before going out anywhere I am typically in a crunch for time. This would make my makeup routine much easier, whether it be before going to class, a meeting, a shift at work, or even out with friends.


I already have the Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, Lengthening Mascara, and lip gloss, and I love all three of them! Below I’ve listed the products included in the set along with a description. For the 3 products I have, I also shared how they work great for me. If you’re thinking of switching up your beauty products, I recommend giving these a try! I’m excited to add a few of these products to my makeup bag and stock up on some of my favorites I already have that are running low.


Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Personally, when doing my make up, I like to have a “natural” look that feels like I’m not wearing too much on my face. This foundation is light and blends pretty easily. It also helps your face stay hydrated as well as feel smooth and soft.


Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen

This is one thing to always keep in your purse or bag. The quick and easy application is convenient when you’re on the go and want to fix your make up without having to empty out your makeup bag looking for your foundation and brush.


Color Define Brow Pencil

Having perfect eyebrows isn’t hard to achieve with this brow pencil. The brush on the end is helpful to smooth out your eyebrows and the pencil gives your eyebrow definition while keeping the natural look.



This mascara applies smoothly without clumps or bumps. There’s also an option of lengthening mascara or volumizing mascara. The lengthening mascara not only makes your lashes longer when you apply it, but it also helps your lashes grow with continued use over time. The extra fibers and shaped brush with the volumizing mascara fills in your lashes making them thicker.


Powder Blush Duo

A little blush on the cheeks really does complete the look and adds some color. The powder also applies easily on top of the hydrating foundation while making the colors pop!


Lip Gloss

With many colors to choose from, there’s plenty of options! My personal favorite is “peony”, it’s light pink and also named after the flower which is also my favorite. Similar to the hydrating powers of the foundation, it conditions your lips after continued use as well. 


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