If You Miss That Show, Watch This Show

We all have that one show we can always watch over and over again. However, there may come a time where you get tired of that show and want something a little different. If you really miss a show and wish there was something like it (but can’t really stand to rewatch the series again) here are some suggestions!

If you miss 30 Rock watch...

Great News

Great News is an underrated comedy from the same minds that gave us the gift that is 30 Rock, so you know it'll have a similar comedy style. It’s delightfully weird, sweet, and hilarious.

If you miss Glee watch...

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

If you loved Glee’s musical element then you’ll love Crazy Ex Girlfriend. You can follow the characters with their original songs. Like Glee, it's fun, dramatic, romance, and (most importantly) plenty of laughs.

If you miss Parks and Recreation watch...

Brooklyn 99

Despite different settings and plots, these shows have common elements. Both were created by Mike Shur, they have similar humor, and both offer positive message and groups of friends working together!

If you miss Happy Endings watch...

New Girl

Both shows are equally hilarious and silly. Plus, both about a group of friends trying to figure life out.