HerCampus Survival Kit Review

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Her Campus Framingham Survival Kit Review

This semester, we received five different products from different companies:

Garden of Life Protein Bars: With 12g of protein per bar, Garden of Life provides a nutritious option for regular granola bars. Two different flavors came in our survival kit - chocolate sea salt and maple sea salt. Although some members loved the protein bars, some couldn’t finish the entire bar.

Frank’s RedHot: With cute little black zippered bags provided, Frank’s RedHot gave us two on-the-go hot sauces and an old bay seasoning for poultry, salad, and meats. Although they’re not too nutritious, we can guarantee Frank’s is delicious.

Katy Perry’s Indi Fragrance: This fragrance is infused with white tea, Italian bergamot, and white cedar wood, resulting in a scent that everyone will recognize. Our sample came with the perfume swatch and a coupon to get the full sized product.

L’OREAL Sublime Bronze: The hydrating self-tanning milk was not a fan within our HerCampus Chapter. Although it claims to be even and streak-free, those that use it end up with a splotchy and uneven tan.

Buxom Big Tease Mascara: The biggest hit within our chapter, this mascara lives up to it’s name. The mascara plumps and darkens each eyelash for a full and luscious effect.

Here’s what our chapter had to say about these products…

“I used the Big Tease mascara and found it to make my lashes a lot longer and have more volume.” — Destiny O’Connell

“I've always liked this brand for their lipsticks so I was excited to get a sample of their mascara. Coming from someone who usually uses mascaras that are from the drug store, this mascara worked amazingly. When I use mascara I often want a longer lash look without clumping, and this mascara does this with success. I applied the mascara after curling my lashes and it pulled them up and lengthened them considerably, all while making each individual lash look thicker. I would definitely consider buying a full size of this mascara in the future.” — Colleen Fitzgerald

“In this past week’s survival kit, I was able to test out the Buxom “Big Tease” mascara. I found this to be very lengthening. It also added some volume to my lashes. Additionally, it didn’t flake throughout the day like some formulas can tend to do. It was great to see this in the kit because I was running low on mascara! Overall, I would highly recommend this product!” — Christine Kiernan

“The Big Tease Plumping Mascara made my lashes look darker and longer and gave them a lot of volume.” - Adriana Vaughan

“I often don't eat protein bars, but I decided to give this one a try. Overall, I can say for sure that I did not like it very much. The texture and the obscure taste I think is what set me off the most. If I had to, I could finish the entire bar, but let's just say that I'd rather not.” — Colleen Fitzgerald

“I was pleasantly surprised to see that garden of life had came out with a protein bar. I use their protein powder and love it. I tried the maple sea salon protein bar and now love those ! Would definitely recommend” — Brittany Stout

“I tried the Buxom mascara and it was pretty good but it didn’t give my lashes much volume. And I’m not big on hot sauce but it was actually pretty tasty!” — Amy Westlund

“I really enjoyed this mascara. I feel as though it made a noticeable difference in the length of my eyelashes! It seemed to elongate them in just one use. It made my eyelashes seem more noticeable! I’m honestly pretty impressed!” — Taylor Anderson

“I was not a fan of this bar. When I ate it, it started to feel like I was chewing on sawdust. I couldn’t even focus on the taste because the texture was so bad. It was a no go for me.” — Taylor Anderson

“I used the mascara given in the survival kit and I love it. it makes my eyelashes look really long and fuller and that’s what I look for in a mascara, ever since I received it I have been using it as a daily mascara. I also tried the hot sauce that was given. one day I was eating chicken fingers and decided to dip it into the little hot sauce packet. when I ate it it tasted exactly like buffalo chicken and I love buffalo chicken. i’m going to bringing the little packet with me when I go to the grille to eat chicken fingers.” — Meghan Gogan

“This mascara is amazing. My eyelashes are long, but they aren’t plum. Ive been using a mascara that just makes me eyelashes darker and that was it. When I tried the Buxom mascara, it made me eyelashes darker and curl, it honestly looks like a have falsies on. The only down part of the mascara is that it can flake and all of it doesn’t come off when I use makeup remover. Other than that I would definitely go and buy another tube, I actually will once im done with this one (which will probably soon!)” — Maria Hornbaker

“I liked this mascara. I'm not really a makeup person but the one thing I will use occasionally is mascara, and this one was easy to apply and it didn't make my eyelashes look clumpy.I was excited to try these [protein bars] but unfortunately, they were not satisfying. They had a weird texture and did not look very appetizing. The maple flavor was more tolerable than the chocolate sea salt one, but i couldn't manage more than a couple bites of each one.” —Victoria Bailey

“It makes it look like I’m wearing faking eyelashes, but really it’s just mascara! I like that it makes my eyelashes long and gives them just the right amount of volume too. I also like the shape of the brush. A lot of mascaras that I’ve tried before are great, but they don’t have the right kind of brush that I like, but this one does.” — Savana Gutierrez

“I tried the Chocolate Sea Salt Garden of Life Gol Bar. I felt like it was definitely a healthier alternative in comparison to other protein bars. Although, I was not a big fan of the taste (it tasted pretty bland to me), it did keep me fuller longer which I liked.” — Kara