Hair Accessories to Always Have on Deck


I find that some days I look at my hair and I'm like "Yes, this will do" and then 3 hours later the grease starts seeping through the roots. When I can go through my bag/purse/car and grab a hat, it makes my life so much easier.



Let's say you're driving with the window down living life, and then when you're parked you look into the window and there's some animal from the Wilds Things looking back at you. No worries, whip out that comb/brush and tame that beast.



I find this works the best when your hair is oily and you don't have time/not in the mood/you like feeling dirty. I also like using a scrunchy when it's a humid, hot day or I'm doing more body movement than I planned i.e walking. 



I don't suggest this as strongly, mostly because some are hazardous in certain weather and leaving it in your bag/purse/car can be dangerous for you. However, it does come in handy if your hair is looking a little flat or you need to make it smell fresh or you want to spray it around others to make a bold statement. 


That's it. Keep your hair shiny, clean and presentable.