Get to Know Molly Fennessey

Year: Junior (2018)

Major: Fashion Merchandising 

Minor: Music studies 

Hometown: Whitman 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 


Involvement on campus:

 I am currently a senator at large for SGA and also a member of alternative Spring Break. 


What position you are running for?

Class and Club Treasurer 


What are the responsibilities of that position?

Fundraising! Fundraising! Fundraising! This is the money that will allow for our club to run smoothly, effectively, and also to have just a little bit of fun.


What will you bringing to the position?

Fundraising is in my blood! I have been fundraising for different events and charities since I was a little kid. A huge part of Alternative Spring break is just looking to get the funds to get to our destination, so I was able to learn some new and creative ideas from my peers that seem to work.


Why do you enjoy Senate?

I love senate because it is the heart and soul of this campus. Without senate clubs would not be able to form, events would not take place, and the campus just wouldn't be the same. We are so fortunate to get to work with some of the most influential people on campus and get to see another side of how this school is actually run.


What is a run fact about you? 

I have been on the Ellen Degeneres Show before and was also attacked by a llama when I was 5. These two things have no correlation to each other, but are both fun!


Outside of campus life what do you like to do?

I am currently a stylist at J. Crew, and also a Nanny. I love to socialize and to meet new people everywhere I go.


What is your favorite thing about FSU?

I know this is a bit cliche, but it is so true, the people. It is so nice to know so many people or at least recognize them. I  can not imagine what it's  like to go to a larger school and not recognize most of the people on campus. I feel as though Framingham State is my home and I will always be shaking my rams.