Garnier’s SkinActive Soothing Rose Facial Mist

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In Garnier’s new soothing facial mist, the vegan formula is derived from 99% natural ingredients. The rose mist is made without parabens, dyes, silicones, and sulfates - an environmentally friendly mist. 

Our reviewers tried out the multi-use facial mist and judged it’s uses: hydration, priming before makeup, setting makeup, and if it’s refreshing. Here’s what they had to say:

“I found the Soothing Facial Mist to be really gentle on my skin. I usually use a rose water from Mario Badescu, which I love, and I found this one to be really similar. It does not have an overwhelming scent, and feels very refreshing on the skin. I love to use this after cleansing my face and moisturizing!” —Christine Kiernan 

“The mist wasn’t bad smelling and it did refresh my face, but I found it too small to carry around in a bag and the spray was too small for full coverage” —Maria Hornbaker 

“The rose water made my face feel refreshed and moisturized. I even let my roommate use it! She said it made her feel more refreshed and energized.” —Khemara Chea

“I love this stuff! It cooled my face down instantly and it didn't linger on my skin nor was it visible. If I had bottle of this I would definitely be using it all the time.” —Victoria Bailey

“I used it before I put on my makeup for the day and it did make my face feel refreshed and clean.” —Meghan Gogan 

“It says that it hydrates, primes before makeup, sets makeup, and refreshes. I agree with all of this except that it does NOT set makeup. When I use it as a setting spray it messes up my mascara and eyeliner, so I have to wipe off the makeup it splattered underneath my eyelashes. I love this spray as a primer to hydrate and refresh my skin before I put on makeup, but do NOT use it as a setting spray. I sprayed it 12-15 inches away from my face with my eyes and mouth closed like it said, but it still splatters my mascara and eyeliner.” —Savana Gutierrez


Available in the skincare aisle at your local retailer/drugstore, let Garnier 

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