Garnier’s SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

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Garnier’s micellar water is a formula that cleans and refreshes the faces of all skin types. With no oil, alcohol, or fragrances, Garnier hits a home run with their makeup remover. Removing even the most stubborn long-wear makeup, some of our reviewers tried the All-In-1 Waterproof formula. Here’s what they had to say: 

“I really liked how small the bottle was and how there wasn’t an overpowering odor. I applied the liquid to a cotton ball and I noticed that my eye makeup was coming off easily, like most removers I did have to rub it a few times to get the makeup off. My only issue was that I had to shake the bottle to get a few drops out.” —Maria Hornbaker 


“The Micellar Cleansing Water was amazing! Even after I used my daily face wipe, the cleanser took off even more dirt on my face that I didn’t even think was still there.” —Ariel Deane 

“I really loved the waterproof makeup remover. It is really quick to take off my makeup and I really love how it makes my face feel. When I use this makeup remover I don’t have the need to wash my face after using it.” —Khemara Chea 

“I tried the makeup remover which removed all of my eye makeup in a couple seconds. It is a really good product that doesn’t take a lot of time to scrub off waterproof makeup.” —Meghan Gogan 

“I use it after I remove my makeup with a makeup wipe to remove the leftover makeup that the wipes leave behind. It doesn’t remove makeup well by itself. When I wipe it off using the cotton rounds it burns my skin a little bit and dries it out, but I think that’s because of the cotton not the cleansing water. So I just wipe my face with a makeup wipe first and then pour some of the cleansing water on the wipe and wipe my face again. It works best for me this way. Regular cotton balls work fine with the cleansing water too and don’t hurt your skin like the cotton rounds do.” —Savana Gutierrez 

“This product was actually really effective! I used it at the end of the day to remove my makeup and it got all of it off in just one use. I even tried to use a Neutrogena makeup removing wipe behind it to make sure it really worked and to my surprise, there was no excess makeup left. My face didn’t feel stripped at all either. I definitely recommend this product!” —Taylor Anderson 

If you’re in need of a new makeup remover, Garnier has three different cleansing waters and two makeup removing towelettes available at drugstores, retail stores, and online. 

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