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Fiona the Hippo is You in the Weeks Before Finals

1. Ignoring everyone’s advice and making bad decisions:

(credit: Lisa Hubbard)

2. Eating just about anything because you don’t have for a real meal in between all the studying and projects to be done:(credit: The Huffington Post Australia)

3. Just standing there in the shower remembering all you have to do an not wanting to leave:

(credit: The Today Show)

4. Trying to have fun at party to forget about school for a little when someone takes your drink away:

(credit: WHIO TV)

5. Asking mom for advice on everything cause she knows best:

(credit: WABC TV)

6. Binge watching Netflix because you know during finals week that you’ll have no time:(credit: WHIO TV)

7. Trying to take some cute selfies because you know you won’t be doing your makeup for that 8am final:

(credit: WKRC)

8. Going to the gym to avoid thinking about studying:

(credit:Cincinnati Zoo)
9. Seeing people laughing outside of the library and you’re stuck inside like:

(credit: WCPO)

10. When everything is finally turned in and you have no more worries until next semester:(credit: Today)

Rachel Smith

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