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Fashion for the Unfashionable

I am not a very fashionable person; I’m awful at matching, planning outfits, having a style and anything to do with fashion. I settle more for comfort than looks, so I probably have 5 basic outfits that I rotate between throughout the week. But, if you take a basic outfit and add some little touches it can make you look more fashionable than you think! Below I’ve thrown together some of my advice on putting together comfy outfits and to give some of my fashion taste to the unfashionable souls such as myself.


Band Tees and Leggings

I have MANY band t-shirts and sometimes I get bored just wearing them plain with a pair of jeans. To give myself maximum comfort I obviously wear leggings. I have a lot of black t-shirts and I love wearing black on black with the leggings, but to give myself more color and to make myself look a little more stylish I add on the jean jacket. If you’re not feeling the jean jacket I’d suggest swapping it for a flannel! Flannels are a lot more comfortable than a jean jacket when lounging around. I also love boots and with this outfit. I like either the combat or laced boots, I think it pulls it together nicely.


Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters

I love sweaters, all kinds of sweaters. They are super comfortable and look great with either jeans or leggings. I’ve had outfits with nice fitted sweaters and thrown it with a pair of jeans or I’ve bought sweaters in large sizes and worn them with leggings to have that flowy, dress-like look. With my sweater outfits, whether I’m wearing jeans or leggings, I will usually throw in a pair of high boots or high-top converses.


Flannels and beanies

Flannels are always my go-to outfit. Flannels can go with anything, jeans, leggings, boots, sneakers, whatever you’re feeling. Flannels can be used casually or even for dressier events. I love flannels and I always love to throw a beanie with it to add a little something. Plus if I put on my beanie I don’t have to do anything with my hair.


Cardigans and booties

Cardigans can help many outfits look more stylish and feel more comfortable. You can throw them on over a plain or graphic tee to switch up your outfit! I personally like to put solid color t-shirts under them and add an accessory such as a scarf or necklace. With this outfit I like to wear jeans so I can roll them up and wear my booties. It makes a cute outfit for school, work, or hanging out with friends!

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