Edible Peanut Butter Play-Dough Turkeys

This is a simple treat to make for Thanksgiving. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s easy! There’s no way you can mess it up because you don’t even need to cook it. Actually, the only way you can mess this up is if you put it in the oven, because it will melt and ruin everything! So whatever you do, don’t put it in the oven! This is a fun recipe to make with friends or with children!


5 cups of smooth peanut butter 

3 ¾ cups of dry milk or flour 

15 tablespoons of honey or syrup 

35 small pretzel sticks 

10 M&Ms 

5 Candy corns 

Makes 5 servings


STEP 1: Take the peanut butter, the dry milk or flour, the honey or syrup, and put it in a medium bowl. 


STEP 2: Mix it all together with a spoon until it’s smooth enough that you can roll it into balls. If it’s still too sticky just add a little more dry milk or flour. 


STEP 3: Take a hand full of the play dough from the bowl and mold it into medium sized balls. These will be the bodies of the turkeys. Then, take a smaller amount out of the play dough and mold it into a ball for the head. Place the smaller ball on top of the medium sized ball. Repeat these steps until you have 5 turkeys. 


STEP 4: Take 2 m&ms for each turkey and put them on the head for the eyes. Then, take one piece of candy corn for each turkey and put it on the head for the nose. Lastly, take 7 pretzel sticks for each turkey and stick them on the back for the feathers. Then, you’re done! Enjoy!