Dear Underclassmen

Dear Underclassmen,


            You’re headed off to college? These four years right here are your years of opportunity; so don’t take it for granted. I’m not going to tell you that college is the best years of your life, like everyone says, because that will give you the impression that everything is always supposed to be all happy dandy 24/7 and life after college is bland. Nope, I am going to give you the cold hard truth. College sucks at times; it’s not always parties and fun. It’s full of long nights at the library, hours and hours of studying, many mental breakdowns, tears, difficult obstacles and much more. I’m not trying to scare you away from the idea, because college will be full of fun times and great memories. But, know that there will be times that will test your strength and times where everything feels like its falling apart and it’s impossible to put the pieces back together, but what you really learn from college is how to make it through these hard times all on your own.

            These years will teach you how to be independent. They will show you how much you can do all on your own when you no longer have the support from your parents you’ve taken for granted your whole life. College teaches you much more than just academics, it teaches you how to be your own individual. In these years you will grow so much more than you expect, so don’t fear change, welcome it because what we do in these years can really affect the person we turn out to be.

            Take these years to learn who you really are, what you like and become the person you want to be. Don’t let others affect your decision so much, take the opportunities you can and that are best for you. Spend time alone and take the time to learn to love yourself, because you will always be there for yourself and it’s important to love who you are. Always remember that you deserve to be treated well and you don’t deserve to be put down by yourself. Learn what you like, try hobbies, get involved in clubs and always continue meeting new people. It’s good to get yourself out of your room and involved in things. The more you are involved in the more you learn what you enjoy. And don’t ever feel bad for trying something and later on quitting. If it wasn’t for you then it wasn’t for you, but at least you tried.

            And this letter isn’t just aimed at freshman; it is for all of those who still have years in college. No matter how much time you have left you still have time to do the things you want to; there is plenty of time. Know that life after college is great, but the years we have in college are full of opportunities to take. Remember that college is what you make of it, so make these years the best they can be and continue to do so when you leave and begin your life in the real world.




A Graduating Senior