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Dealing with Depression on Campus

Depression is like a black hole which consumes you until you are an empty shell, but depression can affect all of us differently. College is a time where we are dealing with a lot of crossroads; which choices do you make?

Who do you want to be? You are still finding your true identity and trying to understand your career path. It can feel like too much and you may feel like you are spread too thin or filled to the brim with emotions.

I can promise that there is help out there! I have suffered with depression for 23 years myself and have gotten some advice from other students. All these tips and tricks can help you or someone you know with depression.

1. Let people know what they can do to help you

It can be hard to ask for help, even when you need to. Appearing ‘weak’ is not socially acceptable but showing your emotions actually makes you stronger. When your emotions lay on the surface you are far healthier than those that push them down. So speak up!

2. Depressed people do not always speak up and sometimes they wear a mask

Depressed people are the greatest actors; we can appear to be the happiest people in the world but can carry the most weight.

3. If you see someone who is depressed reach out

If someone appears to be far in the dumps please give them a helping hand, either listen to them or take them to the counseling center. Showing that you care can make a huge difference!

4. Depression is not a phase

If someone you know says they are depressed treat them with care. Depression is a serious sickness and if someone you know has it, please be careful! From personal experience I can tell you how important it is to follow this rule; when people treat me like an outcast it makes me feel even worse. Be careful!

5. Listen

Just like any good friend; listen. Listening can save lives!

6. Take a break

I deal with my depression by giving myself a break. It sort of takes over my whole life for a period of time. I tend to withdraw a bit but I also still push myself out and into the world. Usually pushing myself into being social is hard enough but I allow for more me time when it gets really bad. It helps that I have supportive friends also. I’m not ashamed of my depression and by being open about it, I can then deal with it. – Hannah Lavin

7. Do an enjoyable activity; here are a few suggestions

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Going to the gym
  • Cosplaying
  • Shopping
  • Eating your favorite meal
  • Cooking

This is a fight, but you can do it!


I am an avid cat lover, aspiring dietition and anime fanatic!A super senior at FSU with a major in dietetics and a minor in psychology and fashion design.
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