The Day After Valentine’s Day: The Summary

The pink day has passed, we have survived yet another hallmark holiday. Valentine's Day is a day that some see as an excuse to be mushy or some see as a day to be bitter. Within those people there are types of couples who emerge on Valentine’s day. Here is a break down of those people. 


  1. Those who are spending their first Valentines together

This couple loves each other, LIKE love loves each other. It's true love and this Valentine's is the most important one, because this is the day they will announce their true love to everyone. The cafeteria workers, the waiters, the people trying to walk down an aisle that was made for one, yet somehow this couple has made enough room for them both. We all know this couple.


  1. Those who have spent too many Valentine's together

It's their 5th one in, and this year they’re taking a break from all that Hallmark sh*t. This year is the year that they fist pump and binge watch Black Mirror (if you haven’t seen it, watch it immediately). There is still that passion from their first Valentine's together, but they have found a way to subdue all that within themselves.


  1. That person who has someone special but couldn’t get the day with them

    That couple who has physical distance, time issues, plans fell through, grandma is in town thing, whatever it is they can't be together when they want to be, and they're feeling it. The one day that they can be over the top with each and not make it weird is taken away from them, and because the universe isn’t on their side, maybe it had to do with mercury retrograde?


  2. That “couple” who happen to see each other but pretend that Valentine's isnt happening

    That “couple” that just happens to make lunch plans and dinner plans and text all the time and have never been seen with anyone else but each other. But if you ask what's going on, they will simply laugh or shrug or maybe even both and say, “Just friends”. And then you’ll see them again and they’re looking a little hot for a pair that simply, “Went for a walk.” I mean what do they have to hide? They are so cute together they should just get it over with and make this official so that we don’t have to keep discussing them in our group chat.  What’s your deal guys! 


  3. The working couple

    What's Valentine's Day? Or the day that falls on a weekday? The day I work? I'll see my boo when I FaceTime them when I get home from my 9-5 (or 12-8/ 1-10, retail hours though). They know I'm making money and I know they're making money, and when we get time to see each other we’ll go out for dinner and get apps, drinks, entrees, desserts and not blink once when we see that bill handed to us on a silver platter by a waiter wearing white gloves because we’re making money.


    Needless to say Valentine's Day is also for anyone to celebrate love! We need to be on that level all the time though. Let's remember that we don’t need a day to excuse ourselves for being over affectionate. Kiss your grandma, mom, dad, sibling, lover, pet, pizza, latte whenever you want!