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The Coffee Orders of HC Framingham

Everyone has their go-to coffee order. For some it’s the only thing they ever get. As college students, coffee can be an important part of our day, whether it’s something we rely on to keep us awake, or simply something we drink to bring a little joy to our lives. Here are some of Her Campus Framingham’s coffee orders (most of which are from Dunkin’ because let’s be real, we are in Massachusetts).

Small hot coffee with milk – everywhere

-Mary Elizabeth

Medium mocha iced coffee with skim milk – Dunkin’


Medium hazelnut swirl with almond milk – Dunkin’


Iced caramel swirl with cream and sugar – Dunkin’


Frozen caramel coffee Coolatta with whipped cream – Dunkin’ 


Medium vanilla swirl iced coffee with almond milk – Dunkin’

Venti iced coffee with 3 pumps of white mocha and skim milk – Starbucks


Venti dragonfruit refresher, ice in a separate cup, no room for ice – Starbucks

-Abie (doesn’t drink coffee)

Iced caramel latte with whole milk – everywhere


Have we inspired you to try something new? Or maybe you’re like us and stick to the same thing every time! It’s okay, change can be scary. 


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