Burger Ballad

When it comes to food my favorite is cheeseburgers. I could eat cheeseburgers every day (only I don’t because then I’ll ruin my love for it). When I was younger I only liked eating burgers with no cheese, I thought cheese was gross on meat. It wasn’t until my dad convinced me to try a cheeseburger that my appreciation for cheeseburgers were made. 


Since I’m a picky eater I don’t like food that has a weird texture or feels too slimy or smells too weird or, lol just kidding. So, when I do eat my burgers I like keeping it simple by having Swiss cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard, an egg, avocado, bacon, lettuce and a wheat bun. And according to myself, no cheeseburger is complete without French fries. However, this is where I may creep you guys out, I do not like any type of seasoning on my fries, no pepper or salt. Yup, stale is the way to go.


Now since I have a certain taste in burgers, I have certain places I like to go to get them. Within my distance and budget the places that I go to (a lot) is 5 Guys, Fireflies, B.Good, The MetBar, Burger King and a family owned restaurant in my town. I like a simple place to go, because I like just enjoying the atmosphere of a place that I can sit down and not feel as if ordering a cheeseburger and a shake is out of place.