Boy Meets World Iconic Moments

As the biggest fan of Boy Meets World, I’ve seen every episode of Boy Meets World. So, I think I know every iconic moment there is. Boy Meets World ended 18 years ago, on May 5, 2000, and is 25 years old, but it is definitely a show that we will remember forever, or at least I will. I hope you enjoy these iconic moments from Boy Meets World as much as I do! 

On season 6 episode 6 “Hogs and Kisses,” Cory catches his best buddy Shawn and his girlfriend Topanga sitting on the couch with a blanket on top of them. Cory yanks the blanket off of them and sees that Shawn is in his “undapants!” He assumes that Topanga was cheating on him with his best friend Shawn. I remember this as one of the funniest moments on Boy Meets World. Just the way Ben Savage says, “UNDAPANTS” is so hilarious! LOL. It is definitely one of the most memorable and most iconic moments on the show. 


On season 2 episode 15 “Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard To Do,” Cory looks into him and Shawn’s future as old men. Cory is married to his girlfriend at the time, Wendy for 90 years. Shawn on the other hand, has been with thousands of women, since then. They meet at the same restaurant they go to everyday, and Cory always steals the bread rolls. This moment is so iconic they even reference it on Girl Meets World. 

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Cory and Shawn’s handshake. Season 1 episode 16 “Risky Business” is the first episode where we see Cory and Shawn do their iconic handshake. 

Cory and Topanga’s first kiss. Season 1 episode 5 “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” is the episode where Topanga pushes Cory up against the lockers and they have their first kiss. Not only was this an iconic moment, but it was also Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel’s first kiss in real life too. 


Every time Shawn and Angela kissed. Season 5 episode 8 “Chasing Angela part 2” was the episode where Shawn and Angela had their first kiss, but to be honest every time they kissed it was iconic. They had so much chemistry. When they kissed it was like that line from the song Kissing U by Miranda Cosgrove, “Sparks fly, its like electricity. I might die if I forget how to breath.” 


When Shawn got his first boner. Season 2 episode 15 “Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard To Do,” in the first scene Shawn is making out with a girl, and then he looks at Cory and says, “Remember in health class that section on the movement of blood? I understand it now.” 


When Cory and Shawn first met. Season 5 episode 3 “It’s Not You...It’s Me,” Cory and Shawn have a flashback to when they first met at the zoo, when they were kids. 


When they dressed up as girls. Season 4 episode 15 “Chick Like Me,” Shawn thinks it would be a good idea for Cory to dress up as a girl and go undercover to find out what it’s like, so they could write about it in the school newspaper. But they decide that Shawn should do it because he was more believable as a girl than Cory. Season 7 episode 11 “What A Drag!” Eric and Jack dress up as girls to go undercover to find out some secrets from a college gang. 

When Shawn and Jack first met, and became brothers. Season 5 episode 1 “Brothers,” Shawn and Jack meet for the first time, and Shawn moves in with Jack in his apartment. 


The scream episode. Season 5 episode 17 “And Then There Was Shawn,” is the scream parody episode. This is usually one of the first episodes people think of when you ask them if they’ve ever seen Boy Meets World. 


Shawn’s wet dream. Season 4 episode 22 “Learning How to Fly,” Shawn tells us about his recurring dream where he gets seduced by a sorority girl, and he thinks it might be coming true. 


The ski trip. Season 5 episode 14 “Heartbreak Cory,” one of the most memorable episodes when Cory cheats on Topanga with a girl named Lauren, he met on the ski trip. When Cory cheated on Topanga, he didn’t just break Topanga’s heart, he broke all of our hearts. 


When Eric taught us that all men are idiots, and then they danced to make up for it. Season 5 episode 10 “Last Tango in Philly,” Cory, Shawn, Eric, Jack, Alan, and Mr. Feeny dance on stage for their women to make up for being idiots. 


When Cory and Shawn got drunk, and Shawn walks on his hands. Season 5 episode 18 “If You Can’t Be With The One You Love...” Cory is sick of people thinking he’s a downer since him and Topanga broke up. He steals some whisky from his dad’s liquor cabinet, and convinces Shawn to drink with him. 


Prom. Season 5 episode 22 “Prom-ises, Prom-ises,” Cory and Topanga plan to have sex on prom night for the first time. This is an episode that we’ll remember like it was our own high school prom.


When Shawn told Angela that he loves her, and she kicked him off the bed. Season 6 episode 20 “The Truth About Honesty,” Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric, Angela, Jack, and Rachel are playing a honesty game at Rachel’s dinner party. Topanga asks Shawn if he could spend one night with one person, no strings attached, who would he pick? Shawn says Angela, so Angela brings Shawn to makeout in Rachel’s room. They’re about to have sex, but Shawn blows it by saying I love you. Angela knew that he couldn’t do it with no strings attached. 



When Angela kissed Shawn in the bathroom and he got a boner. Season 6 episode 20 “The Truth About Honesty,” Shawn follows Angela into the bathroom and she thinks he’s still not over her. Shawn says she means nothing to him. She pins him down on to the bench and makes out with him, to prove that he still likes her. Shawn says he felt nothing, but obviously that was a lie...


Plays With Squirrels, season 7 episode 16 “Seven The Hard Way” Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Angela, Eric, Jack, and Rachel look into their future in 2006 at Mr. Feeny’s retirement party. They see what would happen if they weren’t friends anymore. Eric changed his name to Plays With Squirrels, and he has a long beard and walks with a walking stick. This moment was so iconic that Will Friedle aka Eric Matthews had to get a tattoo of Plays With Squirrels on his arm.

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Cory and Topanga’s wedding. Season 7 episode 7 “It’s About Time,” Who could forget the moment when Shawn almost ruined Cory and Topanga’s wedding. 


The last episode. Season 7 episode 23, “Brave New World part 2” Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric are moving to New York because Topanga got an interview at a law firm. They say goodbye to everyone, even Mr. Feeny. Every true Boy Meets World fan remembers this episode, and this iconic moment will stay in our hearts forever.