Best Comedy Specials of 2017

In no particular order, here some the best stand up specials that came out in 2017!

Hasan Minhaj – Homecoming King

Minhaj discusses growing up with immigrant parents, race, and love in his amazing one man show. Available on Netflix.


Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

In Wolf’s first special on HBO, she discusses feminism, bathrooms, and more! You can watch on HBOgo.


Trevor Noah – Afraid of the DarkNoah takes on a different format from The Daily Show to go more in depth of current events. You can watch on Netflix!


Sarah Silverman – A Speck of DustSilverman delivers another hilarious hour special that you can check out on Netflix!


Marc Maron – Too Real

Maron's hilarious and brilliant storytelling is evident in his most recent stand up special on Netflix!

Chris Gethard – Career Suicide

Gethard offers an incredibly moving and funny one man show based on his experience with depression. You can check it out on HBOgo.

Judd Apatow - The Return

After years of not being on stage, Apatow finally returns to do stand up and he does not disappoint! Watch on Netflix!

Jim Gaffigan - Cinco

Gaffigan does what he does best, talk about food, family, and daily annoyances in his 5th special. Available on Netflix.

Jack Whitehall - At Large

Whitehall premiered his first special on Netflix with nonstop laughs!

Maria Bamford - Old Baby

Pause your rewatch of Lady Dynamite to see Bamford do her fantastic stand up comedy in the most interesting ways. Watch on Netflix!

Katherine Ryan - In Trouble

The hilarious comic discusses relationships, her work, and hometowns in her fantastic special on Netflix!