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Being a Fashion Major in Quarantine

Like most colleges and other schools, Framingham State University switched to remote learning because of COVID-19. It’s been weird doing all my classes online, but it was necessary for Framingham State to switch to remote learning during this time to keep everyone safe. Especially since Massachusetts is the 3rd highest state in the US with COVID-19 cases.

The transition to online school has been hard for everyone. Being a Fashion Design Major, like myself can be especially hard because we now have to learn how to sew online without our professors physically there to help us. We now have to watch our professors teach us how to draft patterns and sew on Zoom, which is blurry and it’s hard to see what they’re doing. Luckily, there are YouTube videos that teach you how to draft patterns for sewing and are in good quality. I was lucky that I only had one sewing class this year and only one sewing project. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to have more than one sewing class online, unless I only had sewing classes, and my only assignments were sewing, then I guess that wouldn’t be that bad.

Sewing machine
Savana Gutierrez

My final exam for my sewing class was canceled, so that is good. I only have to make a dress for my final project. Another good thing about having a sewing class online at home is that I now have my own sewing machine at home that actually works. I had a sewing machine that my grandma sent me, but for some reason I could not get it to work properly. So I bought a sewing machine from Amazon instead, and it has everything I need like different types of presser feet, so I can sew on zippers, button holes, and different types of hems. These are things I could not do with my old sewing machine because I didn’t have all the different types of presser feet. My new sewing machine also can sew on sleeves, which I couldn’t do with my old sewing machine. I also got a carrying case for my sewing machine to protect it from dust when I’m not using it and for traveling.

Sewing machine bag
Savana Gutierrez

At Framingham State we had to cancel our annual fashion show, but that just gives me more time to make my garments for the fashion show next year. This year instead of a fashion show, FSU Fashion Club is making a website where students can display their work. I think it’s a cool idea, but I decided not to display my work on the website because I am not a senior, so it’s not required for me, but also I don’t have enough time to make garments in time for them to be displayed on the website. Also, I would rather have my work in the fashion show next year. I don’t think my sisters would want to model for me if I was putting garments on the website either. I would not want to display my work on a coat hanger, and my pictures might be bad quality. I can’t wait to see other people’s work on the new website though!

Savana Gutierrez

So far in quarantine I made a mask out of an old cotton T-shirt, just for fun because my mom already bought some cotton masks. I also sewed a pocket onto my sweatshirt. When the school year is over I plan to spend my time making my garments for the FSU Fashion Show next year!

Savana Gutierrez

Savana Gutierrez

Framingham '21

Fashion Design major Senior at Framingham State University.
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