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Balance Between Strength and Weakness

I asked a couple of my friends what they thought made them a strong person and what made them a weak person. This is what they said.

“What makes me strong is my determination and perseverance. What makes me weak is my Crohn’s disease and the stress it can put on me both physically and mentally.”

“What makes me a strong person is knowing the struggles that I have been through and the things that’ve happened in my life that are good and bad and I haven’t let those things, whether it’s people or things in my life alter my path I’m taking as I get older. What makes me a weak person is that I tend to dwell on things I can’t change, whether it’s something that has to do with me or with things around me. I tend to dwell on the what if’s and it ends up making me really upset because of it which leads me overthinking and not voicing how it makes me feel.”

“I guess the fact that I can now easily remove whatever toxicity is in my life and move on from it, but at the same time it’s hard to let go of things and people I’ve grown close to. I’m very sensitive and emotional, but I know what I gotta do to make myself feel happier.”

“What makes me a strong person is a support system like family and very close friends. What makes me a weak person is the only way to be weak is if you’re not confident in yourself and have no self love.”

“I guess the people that surround me. The positive ones. They help me keep going. My loved ones, my family and friends. And what makes me weak are my fears. They hold me back from trying things out that may be good for me.”

“Strong because I am there for people when they need me. Weak because I let words bother me and I take things too seriously.”

“What makes me a strong person is all of my friends and family that have my back through everything. What makes me a weak person is when I feel like times are getting too hard in life, so then I start giving up and I feel useless and not wanted.”

“I would say I’m strong because I know my value in life and always push myself to be better. And I’m weak because I sometimes ask for reassurance from others.”

“Strong because I’m very confident and outgoing. Weak because I constantly overthink.”

“Strong because of the people who tried to bring me down, but I’m still here doing better. Weak because of stress at times.”


“I believe what makes me a strong person is the experiences I’ve been through in my life and all

that has shaped me into who I am today and to who I am currently becoming. Things that make

me a weak person would have to be my sensitivity, and always overthinking because it tends to

make me think certain situations are bigger than they really are”

Jessica Gutierrez

Framingham '22

Hello! My name is Jessica Gutierrez and I am currently a freshman at Framingham State.
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