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Albums that Deserve a Ten Year Anniversary Tour

The scene is not dead; it’s just got bad knees and has a daughter to raise so it can’t be on tour as much as it would like to be. I’m not sure who decided that dedicating an entire tour to playing one album in its entirety was a good idea, but I would like to extend a personal thank you to that human. Over the past few years, all of the bands that we listened to during our middle school emo phase have hit the road to do just that, playing the album that helped them make a name for themselves in sold out venues across the world. This week alone, Mayday Parade, We The Kings, and New Found Glory announced anniversary tours, and Good Charlotte seems to be hinting at something similar. In a perfect world, the following albums would be celebrated in the same way.

So Wrong It’s Right – All Time Low

Rumor has it that this is already in the works. If it is, it will likely be a spring or summer tour for the U.S. once ATL returns from the U.K. So Wrong It’s Right was All Time Low’s first full length on Hopeless Records and was when the band really saw things start to take off. The fandom exploded when they added “Poppin’” to the setlist again last year, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how quickly this tour would sell out. The only thing that I would worry about is how they would work around “Dear Maria.” Do they skip it in the play-through and only play it at the end, like usual, or do they play it twice? Please play it twice.

Infinity on High – Fall Out Boy

Personal note: the day this album came out is one of my most vivid memories. I remember watching Fall Out Boy play “Thriller” on TRL while waiting for my mom to bring home my copy from FYE. Fall Out Boy was already getting airplay from “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” and Infinity was a follow up that did not disappoint. This was the album where Patrick really showed off what he could do with his voice and I’m sure there’s not a soul who wouldn’t want to hear him belt “I’ve Got All This Ringing in My Ears But None on My Fingers.”

RIOT! – Paramore

It’s been 10 years but don’t even try to tell me you don’t still jam to “Misery Business.” Paramore’s popularity has skyrocketed recently thanks to “Ain’t it Fun,” but RIOT! is where it all really began, and a lot of these songs are still mainstays in their setlists today. This would be a great album to play in full to see how Hayley’s voice has improved since then, and it would be pretty cool to see what she could do with some of the songs now.

Viva La Cobra! – Cobra Starship

Before “Good Girls Go Bad,” your favorite band with a keytar released 11 dance-worthy neon pop punk tracks penned with the help of Patrick Stump. Cobra never really made it big, even with the help of the few songs that made it to radio, but their core following, myself included, would definitely drop $25 and dig out their Gabe Saporta purple American Apparel hoodie for this.

Do You Feel? – The Rocket Summer

@Santa this is all I want for Christmas. Bryce Avary’s lyrics on this album are some of the most heartfelt to come out of 2007 and the talent in this man’s pinky finger is more than most people have in their whole body. If you didn’t give this album a chance back then, revisit it now. Send a link to “So Much Love” to your SO and jam out to “Break it Out.” I’ve never been to church, but I’m sure that “So, In This Hour” live would be damn close to a religious experience.

More commonly known as Katy, I am a senior marketing major at Framingham State University. I enjoy long walks to the dessert section of the dining commons, reading into The Wonder Years lyrics, and adding to my growing collection of All Time Low t-shirts (the current count is 26). If you need me, I'm probably napping.
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