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7 FSU Students Explain Their Tattoos

Body modifications have been around for decades, but tattoos are becoming more and more popular each day. We decided to seek out some Framingham State students and ask them why they got their tattoos and what they mean to them. Think you know which tattoo belongs to who? Guess you will have to ask them to find out!

“I have this tattoo because Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult is one of my favorite songs and it’s a good message to live by.”

“I’ve loved elephants since before I can remember. They’re a symbol of strength, love and they have an incredible family bond. They’re gorgeous creatures and anyone that knows me knows that I love elephants. For me this tattoo isn’t done, I plan on getting a baby elephant that trails behind for every child I have.”

“In a way, it has a few different reasons. We bonded over music. It’s specifically from the cover art of Nevershoutnever’s Summer EP. Then The Wonder Years have a line in a song that really hit me after we lost her that goes, “I’ll bury your memories in the garden, watch them grow with the flowers in spring. I’ll keep you with me”. And her and our little sister loved to pick flowers together, especially ones they weren’t supposed to pick.”

“[It’s] to remember to enjoy life even in its seemingly simplest forms. It can be so easy to forget the relationships we have the with natural world. This helps myself keep the perspective that the world is a very large interconnected place.”

“My first tattoo is this small elephant that I have on my ankle. I like to think that it gives me the strength and wisdom of the elephant with every step I take to get me through the day. That’s what they do, march on!”

“A lotus is born in the mud and rises out of the water to become this beautiful, well-known flower. I have been through a lot in my life. So much that at times everything will seem murky and there is no way out. But if something as beautiful as a lotus can rise above the murky water, then I can only hope to live past the struggles and lead a life I am happy with. A life full of love where I can continue to move forward.”

“Well, as everyone knows from Lilo and Stitch, Ohana means family. My family is very close and my mom had originally gotten this tattoo first, because she liked the meaning. Hers is different from mine, it is written in a different type of font and she has a pink hibiscus next to it. After she had gotten it I really liked it and wanted to get one to match. I altered it a little to make it my own, with a blue flower, because it is my favorite color and my tattoo artist chose the font, flower type and flower location. Now me and my mom have it in matching places, the inner bicep, with our own version, and my dad plans to do the same. I love my family; this tattoo is on my left bicep showing that I hold my family close to my heart.” 

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Marissa is a senior psychology major and photography minor at Framingham State University. She is an Academic Success Peer Tutor, SDA in the dorms. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Framingham and a Chapter Advisor. When she is not daydreaming, Marissa enjoys binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu and sleeping.
More commonly known as Katy, I am a senior marketing major at Framingham State University. I enjoy long walks to the dessert section of the dining commons, reading into The Wonder Years lyrics, and adding to my growing collection of All Time Low t-shirts (the current count is 26). If you need me, I'm probably napping.
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