6 Podcasts You Should Check Out

If you like to laugh: Jenna and Julien

Jenna and Julien is a Podcast where Jenna “Marbles” Mourey and Julien Solomita talk about anything they want like social media trends, conspiracy theories, scary stories, games, and more. You might know Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita from YouTube. They’re really funny. If you like Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita’s YouTube videos than you will love their podcasts! You can watch Jenna and Julien’s podcasts on YouTube and listen to them on the Podcast app.

picture credit: https://jennajulien.com

The H3 Podcast With Ethan and Hila Klein

H3 Podcast with Ethan and Hila Klein is a Podcast by Ethan and Hila Klein, you might know their YouTube channel H3H3. Their podcast is just as funny as their YouTube channel. They’re really funny and sometimes they have celebrity guests on their podcasts and YouTubers. You can watch their Podcasts on YouTube and Twitch, or listen to them on the Podcasts app.

picture credit: https://mobile.twitter.com/theh3podcast

Drew and Drew's Grandma

Drew and Drew’s Grandma is a new Podcast by Drew “mytoecold” Monson and his grandma Dorothy. They talk about anything like Dorothy’s life, movies, politics, and random stuff. You might know Drew from is YouTube videos where he also makes some videos with his grandma. Drew and Drew’s Grandma is a great podcast to watch whether you’re 20 years old or 80. It’s a great podcast for all ages to enjoy! You can watch Drew and Drew’s Grandma on YouTube and listen to it on the Podcasts app.

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If you like Boy Meets World: Bruh Meets World​

Bruh Meets World is a podcast by two guys named CJ and TC where they give a review of every episode of Boy Meets World. At the end of each episode they give the episode a letter grade based on how much they liked the episode and then they give “homework” where they recommend movies, TV shows, and music that they think you should check out. They’re really funny, if you like Boy Meets World than you’ll love their podcast. You can listen to their podcasts on the Podcasts app, Spotify, and listen to the audio on YouTube.

picture credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bar4d4yj1vw/

If you like to read: Literary DiscoLiterary Disco is a podcast by Rider Strong and his friends Tod Goldberg and Julia Pistell. Their slogan is “Literary Disco, where books come to dance!” You might remember Rider Strong from Boy Meets World. They talk about books and make jokes. Even if you don’t like to read you’ll love their podcast because they’re so funny! You can listen to their podcasts on their website literarydisco.com and the Podcasts app.

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If you like conspiracy theories: Shane and Friends

RIP to Shane and Friends. It was a podcast by Shane Dawson and Jessie Buttafuoco. You might know Shane Dawson from his YouTube channel. You used to be able to watch it on the Fullscreen app before the app was shutdown, but you could still listen to them on YouTube, the Podcasts app, and SoundCloud. This was a hilarious podcast where Shane and Jessie would talk to celebrities and YouTubers about their lives, careers, conspiracy theories, and make jokes, and sometimes play games. It’s a podcast that will be very missed, maybe if we’re lucky it will come back someday.

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I hope you will check out these podcasts and love them as much as I do!