5 Things You Need To Get Through Finals Week

Our least favorite time of the year has arrived, and although we are all pumped and ready for summer we still have to get through finals. HC Framingham has been thinking about this a lot lately and as we start to prepare for the next two weeks, here are somethings that we recommend to help you survive as well!

1. Tissues

Whether it be from allergies, that last minute cold going around, or crying because the failure is inevitable, tissues are always a great thing to be carrying around. If not for you, at least for your friends.

2. To Do List

Whether it be daily or weekly, we promise that making a list of everything that has to be done truly helps. It can include the little things such as brushing your teeth or starting to pack up your room to finalizing your portfolio and submitting your thesis. The relief of finally checking something off is one of the best feelings in the world at this point.

3. A Place to Hide Your Phone

One tip I learned is from Her Campus member Katy. Her biggest suggestion is getting your phone out of your hand and putting it somewhere you will least likely check it. Or if you are with someone else, take the time to have them hide it. Have it out of sight will lean you towards letting it out of your mind and with more time to focus.

4. An Edible Treat: Chocolate, Chips, Take Out, Etc.

This one is a very popular suggestion. You will need energy to get everything done, but also using snacks and food as a reward system will make the never-ending nights in the library seem so much sweeter.

5. Beverages (Caffeine or Alcohol)

I took the time to ask various students what their primary needs for the next two weeks are and they consistently had at least one of these two answers. When the time calls for it, drink up. But we also recommend carrying a water bottle around with you to stay hydrated so that your brain doesn’t completely deplete.

These are only a few suggestions. Feel free to comment below and tell us what you will be using to survive spring finals this year!