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5 Things to Add to Your Bucket List

Have a beach bonfire

Gathering around a bonfire with friends on the beach seems like an ideal night to me. Over the summer, I learned that there are some beaches that will allow bon fires. In Cape Cod, all you have to do is get permit from the town and get together some firewood and you’ve got yourself a good time! For those who love the ocean and chilling on the beach, this is the perfect thing to add to your bucket list. 

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Complete a scrapbook

At one point or another, you might have started collecting pictures and stickers for a scrapbook you plan on making, but have ever finished it? It’s a task that seems to be almost impossible for me. I’ve picked out cardstock paper with the perfect designs and printed out many photos, but putting it together has yet to happen. It’s on my bucket list to accomplish, because I want a scrapbook to have to look back at cool adventures, trips I’ve taken, memorable moments, and of course my pets! If you think you’re feeling crafty enough, add it to your bucket list, it will be worth it.

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Ride in a helicopter

I can only imagine the amazing views of riding in a helicopter somewhere beautiful and scenic. My preference would be somewhere tropical to see the green rainforests, the blue ocean, and maybe even a volcano. Although helicopter tours can be pricey, I think it would be worth it to save up and put some extra money aside while on a vacation in a place worth taking a ride. If you’re one for adventure and seek the thrill in flying, then add this on to your bucket list!

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Volunteer in a third world country

When making my bucket list, I didn’t want to fill it up with lavish vacations that I might not even be able to go on, so I looked other things that would be worthwhile getting myself involved in. I came across this pin on Pinterest about volunteering in a third world country. This has been something I want to and now I feel motivated to actually make it happen. To be able to travel to another place in the world and give my time to make a difference in someone else’s life is a humble feeling. This experience is something I want to see others pursue as well, so join me in adding this to your bucket list.

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Go paddle boarding in the Grand Canyon

Over the summer, I got into stand-up paddle boarding, and it is now one of my favorite outdoor activities. I’ve been on lakes and the ocean, but the Grand Canyon is a place that I would love to go paddle boarding. Paddling down the rivers surrounded by the beautiful clay of the canyon would be something cool to experience. When I can make it out to Arizona, this would be one thing I want to have on my travel itinerary! If you haven’t tried stand-up paddle boarding before, give it a try, maybe even during a trip to the Grand Canyon.

(Photo from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/490399846910105165/

Rachel Davis

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Hi I'm Rachel, a senior at Framingham State University. My major is Communication Arts and I have a minor in Marketing. I am currently seeking to develop a career in the advertising and social media marketing industry. I love going on Pinterest, practicing mindfulness, eating good food, hanging out with friends, doing outdoor activities, going on road trips, traveling to new places, and taking beautiful photos!
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