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The 5 Stages of the First Week Back at School

It’s a brand new semester at FSU and it’s safe to say we can break it down into five stages. Let us take a look back at what we all went through during the first week back at college.

1. Bittersweet

It starts out as a mix of emotions. You are disappointed that summer is over and free home cooked meals will have to wait for the next long weekend or holiday break. However, you might be ready to get a break from home and start a new semester ay college.

2. Excitement

You cannot wait any longer to see your friends you barely or haven’t seen over the summer. You’re pumped for classes your passionate about and having your favorite professor again. You’ve been planning on how to decorate your dorm room this year and where you and your friends should go out this weekend. New semester means new possibilities!3. Confusion

Why are my professors giving actual work? Do they not know it’s syllabus week? I already have a project due? Wait, I need books? And they’re how much? Okay, well I can get a decent deal on Amazon. Just kidding I need it by yesterday to do this homework.

4. Exhaustion

You almost forgot about the late nights of doing homework and procrastination that still tires you out. You are already loosing sleep over reading assignments and papers. Even though it’s only the first week back, it’s exhausting. It’s going to be a looong semester won’t it?

5. Relief

Finally, it’s the weekend! Even if the first was three days, it felt like a lifetime, didn’t it? It’s time to ignore the school work you should be doing and unwind.

Here’s to a new and successful semester!

Graduate from Framingham State University. Communication Arts major, and Writing minor. Former Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Framingham and current After College writer! I'm passionate about tv shows, comedy, music, and cheese fries and take them all very seriously.
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