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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Thrifting

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

It’s Good for the Environment

You wouldn’t know until you do more research but reusing clothes instead of buying from big companies is actually giving back to the earth in more ways than you think. After taking a Politics of Globalization class, I learned how horrible big clothing companies are towards the environment, as they use an immense amount of fossil fuels, waste, and also have horrible working conditions for women and children around the world. I learned that the majority of big clothing companies are the biggest negative contributors to climate change and that my money is going towards supporting this, which changed my whole point of view on some of my favorite brands. It can be a big change in your eyes to get clothing from a thrift store but in the long run, it’s a step toward helping our home.

It Teaches You A Lot

My stereotypes about thrifting have done a complete 360-degree flip after I started to thrift. I used to think it was gross, unsanitary, and only for people who can’t afford the name brand items. This has all changed. I learned that the items that come in are evaluated by workers and put out on the floor if it’s in the right condition. I also learned that everyone thrifts, people walk into the thrift stores carrying Louis Vuitton bags and Prada heels. It really is a hobby to most people. Thrifting isn’t unsanitary, as long as you bring your finds home and take proper steps to washing your new items, they will be good as new. Lastly, I didn’t know this, but the majority of my decorations in my room I’ve actually got thrifting and they look modern and fit my theme as well as it could if I got them anywhere else. For example, I got a white makeup holder for my desk that was in great condition and holds my entire makeup collection in a stylish way. The best part, it was $3.99.

It’s Fun

I would consider thrifting one of my hobbies. I love the days when I know I’m going thrifting because you truly never know what you are going to find walking into a thrift store. You walk in thinking you’re looking for one thing and walk out with something the complete opposite. It’s also a cheap hobby, which is good for a broke college student like me, so I never feel as guilty as I did when shopping at a mall. It gets really fun when you find name brand items. I once found barely worn Nike gym sneakers, priced at only $9.00. I’ve found lightly used converse, Tommy Hilfiger sweaters, LL. Bean sweaters, old band t shirts that I take home and crop looking like they came right out of Brandy Melville, Black ripped American Eagle jeans, so many different décor that has significantly made my room look a lot better, and by far my favorite, a brand new Coconut Bay scented Yankee Candle for only $6! It’s a lot of fun and also stress relieving when you leave a store finding something that runs in brand stores for $40-$100 and taking it home for only $4-$10. I mean what’s not fun about saving money?!

It Expands Your Wardrobe

Thrifting has expanded my wardrobe significantly and has altered my style in a positive way. You find a lot of vintage, which some would argue the 80’s style is making a comeback. You come across lots of high waisted jeans, striped sweaters, band t shirts, and blazers. Not that I have necessarily taken a blazer home from a thrift store. A lot of these 80’s styles can be found in name brand stores today and in my opinion, the more vintage it looks the more stylish it is. Nothing is more vintage than a thrift store, so you might as well spend less for clothing that is in style these days. My thrift store taste has also been taken into my ventures when I do shop in name brand stores. Thrifting has really given me a modern look and taught me a lot about fashion, which I lacked knowledge of for many years. There is a common trend on YouTube that has been going on for a while of people thrifting and styling themselves with only thrifted clothing, some even try to find name brand clothing look a likes in thrift stores and most of the time they are successful, as surprising as it sounds. These videos have also helped me in knowing what to look for and what not to look for when walking into a thrift store, helping my fashion sense immensely.

It Makes Me Want to Give Back

After thrifting I started to donate my clothes a lot more actively. Before thrifting my mom would always force me to go through my clothes and bring them to the donation bins. This would happen maybe once a year. After thrifting, I am always more motivated to donate my clothes now. I am always going through my old clothes that I’ve either outgrown or don’t like anymore; throwing it in a bag and donating it in hopes that someone like me out there can find happiness in clothes that I once found happiness in as well. I love to give back in any way I can, and I believe donating my clothes can give back in one of the most positive ways.

I love to thrift, it’s been one of my hobbies for almost a year now and I like to think I’m pretty good at it. So, if you’re ever in need of cheap jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, shoes etc. let me know and I’ll give you tips! Or hey, even join me on a thrift run, I am always down for new thrifting buddies!






Alyssa Nelson

Framingham '22

Framingham State University class of 2022