5 Fictional Characters From Your Childhood That You Should Have Had a Crush on - but Didn’t

Now these shows and movies were deemed popular throughout our time period. We all knew the main characters of our favorite shows. Most of us probably had a crush on a few of them, even if they were fictional. Here are a few of the characters that may have gone unnoticed and uncrushed during those wonderful times in front of the television. 

1. Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter

Neville is probably the most obvious choice for this list. He was overshadowed by Harry Potter in his childhood but he grew into himself. He shows more and more confidence as the series progresses and takes on leadership roles at Hogwarts when Harry’s absent. Though even from an early age he was brave, as seen when he stood up to his friends and he was always a total sweetheart.  Neville never lost those qualities as he got older and as a bonus, he became hotter than most of the people in the movie. Thank you, Puberty!

2. Sam Manson from Danny Phantom

The thing about Sam is that she’s confident in who she is. From her gothic style to her vegetarianism to helping Danny hunt ghosts, whatever she did, it was with conviction. We should all aspire to be like that. I wouldn’t try to mess with her either; she seems to be able to hold her own no matter what situation she’s put in. She always keeps the group grounded in reality. She’s got her aesthetic locked down too, which is always attractive. She’s a great representative for girls growing up, and she’s definitely a total bad a**.

3. Brock from Pokémon

Now, at first Brock may seem like a total flirt. And he is, but he’s also crazy loyal to his friends. He’s also an accomplished gym owner. Brock shows dedication and love in his Pokémon training and, surely, that’ll transfer over into his love life. He’s incredibly family orientated, taking care of his many younger siblings, and he’s a really good cook to boot.

4. Dib from Invader Zim

Dib seems crazy to all those around him.  Time and time again though, we see that all of Dib’s paranoia is totally justifiable. So, is it really paranoia if the threat is real? Zim is an alien and he is in fact trying to destroy earth. Most people would put together that a little green guy who keeps yelling about how he’s going to conquer the world is an alien. Yet for some reason, Dib’s the only one that can see that and he’s treated as though he’s insane. If anything, he’s the only sane one in this universe. This is great because he’ll actually be able to recognize danger and teach you how to protect yourself from supernatural forces.  He’s also incredibly resourceful, as shown by all the alien hunting gadgets he makes, which is always a good thing.

5. Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride

Everyone was enamored with Wesley. However, a closer look indicates that your affections are better placed with Inigo Montoya. He may not be as handsome as Wesley, but he’s just a driven and loyal. After Wesley climbs up the cliff, Inigo waits for his opponent to be ready and checks on his well-being.  That is the mark of a true gentleman.  At the end of the movie, he’s rich and is the new Dread Pirate Roberts, PLUS if anything ever happened to you, you just know he would kick someone’s a**! “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You hurt my girlfriend. Prepare to DIE!”