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1. Not wearing tights with skirts/dresses.

Not only is this a practical rule, it just looks better in general. When you don’t wear tights it just look like you forgot what winters in New England are like.

2. Wearing spring/summer colors

The summer is naturally bright and warm and the colors can and should represent this. But as winter comes along, switch to darker, deeper colors to go with the mood of the weather.

3. Wearing unseasonal prints

Pineapple season is in the summer, thus your clothes can represent tis pattern. Christmas season is in December, thus you can wear your Christmas sweater. St Patrick’s Day is in March, thus wear all the leprachauns you desire. Just don’t wear these prints when they don’t correspond to the time of year.

4. Wearing real fur

Ok real talk, who can even afford real fur? So I thought… Those Ugg Boots you’re rocking? Sheep skin. The fancy Canada Goose jacket, coyete skin. Think humanely this winter and you’ll be effortlessly fashionable.

5. Wearing a million little sweaters instead of investing in a good coat.

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing someone take off their North Face, then a sweater, then a hoodie, then a cardigan. This looks bulky and tacky. One warm coat and a scarf will definitely suffice.



This is all just one person’s opinion… Happy shopping!

President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Framingham, Senior at Framingham State University, Finance Major. Avid animal lover, aspiring fashionista, and amateur traveler.
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