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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

I asked 31 people, ages 17 to 22, to describe their style in a quick description. Here are the responses I received!


  1. “Athleisure, and comfy casual!” Mara, 20
  2. “Cute and comfortable. Mostly crop tops, joggers, and Dr. Martens.” Savana, 22
  3. “Most days I just go for comfy cute, like workout leggings and a solid colored shirt, but when I’m trying to look a little nicer, I’ll wear jeans on the bottom and stripes or flowers on top (I have way too many stripes). I usually lean towards blues and greens because they go with my eyes and hair.” Chelsea, 18
  4. “High waisted everything, loose tops, loafers, and a lot of neutrals!!” Sam, 18
  5. “Really simple and casual, lots of tight t-shirts and jeans or flowy shirts, also a lot of sweatpants because I’m lazy haha.” Ally, 20
  6. “Laid back. I wear leggings and a t-shirt a lot. I would dress cuter if I had more money for clothes.” Julia, 19
  7. “My style kind of changes, like I don’t just stick to one type of look. I love streetwear and wearing cool brands, but I also love older eras such as the ‘90s. I also like dressing chill and relaxed and I guess a bit indie? I like looking put together, even if I’m just throwing something on.” Sheina, 20
  8. “Honestly, I dress really comfortable and casual, ripped jeans and cropped shirts. I’ll rarely wear a dress or skirt unless there’s a gathering of some sort.” Marissa, 18
  9. “I like punk inspired stuff, ya know. Lots of flannel, leather, and chains. But gotta love a crop top ‘cause I’m gay.” Jimmy, 20
  10. “I don’t even know what fashion styles are. Like, I don’t know what to call mine, or else I’d tell ya.” Janet, 20
  11. “My fashion sense is cute and comfy. I lean towards sporty clothes now like sneakers and leggings, but I still try to mix that style with jeans and dressier shirts.” Claire, 19
  12. “Emo meets hippie meets gay.” Jen, 19
  13. “I consider my style to be preppy/casual. I really like wearing blouses with different patterns and colors. I also like dressing very casual, so a jacket with a plain t-shirt and jeans. As long as I feel comfortable with what I’m wearing.” Jessica, 19
  14. “High waisted jeans and tight tops with canvas shoes.” Maria, 22
  15. “Well I’m not the most fashionable, but if I do look good, I usually honestly wear a plain shirt and I just wear like cool shoes to make it look good, and I always wear a scrunchie to match my outfit.” Jill, 18
  16. “Ah I have no idea, probably comfortable.” Michelle, 19
  17. “I don’t really feel like I have a fashion sense, but usually I’m in jeans, Adidas or Nike sneakers, and an off the shoulder or v-neck top. It’s pretty casual.” Julia, 18
  18. “Super plain, but high-end. The simpler the better.” Olivia, 17
  19. “I guess I’m a mix between street style and comfy boy clothes.” Ashley, 19
  20. “I don’t know what my fashion style is and it honestly kinda stresses me out.” Neerali, 18
  21. “My style is inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s and whatever I find cute at the thrift store. I love repurposing old clothes into something new that fits my style. My staple items are all my mom jeans and men’s jeans, my Doc Martens and my Air Force 1s.” Colleen, 18
  22. “I’d say casual and laid back most of the time, but other times I’d say girly. Comfy most importantly.” Tiffany, 20
  23. “Chic comfort I guess. Being comfortable but also confident is my goal whenever I put an outfit together. I get most of my clothes from Savers or hand me downs. It works out great because “vintage” clothes are coming back into style. I’m a big fan of the oversized top plus skinny pants. Easy and comfortable, plus cute!” Mattie, 19
  24. “I like casual clothes, but I also want to wear unique, different, and colorful clothes!” Miyu, 20
  25. “I’d say my style is trendy chic, the more dresses and accessories the better!” Mary Elizabeth, 21
  26. “I like clothes that look good but also are casual. A good sweater, jeans/khakis, vans. Smart casual, I’d say.” Jackson, 19
  27. “Mom jeans that are usually mens and striped shirts.” Katharine, 19
  28. “Athletic wear, baggy sweatshirts and leggings with a cool pair of sneakers usually – so comfy.” Lauren, 21
  29. “Just casual, but with a hint of style, so sometimes I’ll wear cute, sexy crop tops, sweats, or now I’m doing two piece jumpsuits. Just a casual look, but just a little past the whole sweats, jeans, and t-shirts.” Alice, 20
  30. “Half hobo, half boho.” Marissa, 20
  31. “I like wearing joggers and comfortable but high-waisted clothes. Usually go for not very flashy colors.” Ashley, 19


And myself? I’d describe my style as either minimalist, comfy, and casual or super girly. My go-to outfit is a crop top, flannel, and jeans or leggings, but I love breaking out the floral dresses and skirts once the weather gets nice!


How would you describe YOUR personal style? Did any of these descriptions sound like you, or what you want your clothes to say about you? I’m currently in the process of revamping my wardrobe. If your fashion sense isn’t quite what you envision for yourself, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and splurge on some new clothes that you wanna rock, or thrift some cool pieces to add into your wardrobe. Fashion is meant to be experimented with, and you can have so much fun with putting together outfits. The way we choose to dress ourselves says so much about who we are as people: what do your clothes reveal about you?


Amy Westlund

Framingham '21

Treasurer of Her Campus Framingham, Fashion design major ?