26 People Describe Their Music Taste

I asked 26 people, ages 19 to 23, to describe their favorite kind of music in a quick description. Here are the responses I received!


“Definitely alternative, starting to go a little more indie lately though. It varies because I like rap, pop, rock, pop punk, etc. on the side as well.”  Michelle, 19


“Like alternative pop infused with hip hop.”  John, 21


“I like music that makes me feel happy. It could be anything from Post Malone to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez to The Beatles. My music taste is always evolving and I’m glad that I get to discover new artists all of the time.”  Stephanie, 22


“Oh jeez. I don’t know if I like this wording but like indie pop. It’s pop-like but a lil spicier.”  Alexis, 21


“I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop, Tokyo’s Revenge and Saint John, but I’ve got a soft spot for artists like Bryce Vine and Mac Demarco.”  Beth, 19


“Soft girl alternative.”  Sam, 19


“1960s psychedelic rock mixed with a splash of gay stuff.”  Jordan, 20


“Contemporary R&B is probably my favorite genre because those songs put you in a mooood regardless of what artist it is. It’s more lowkey than hip hop but just as lyrical as rap; if I had to pick one artist to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be Frank Ocean, easily.”  Nick, 20


“I guess I would say indie pop.”  Ally, 21


“Literally anything but country, mainly alternative, rap/hip hop, R&B, and indie.”  Colleen, 19


“Right now I’m really into music that’s made today that’s made today that’s made to sound like it’s from the 80’s. Because “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd is the best song ever.”  Neerali, 19


“I like almost every genre of music, one of my favorites is indie folk.” Charlene, 20


“My music taste is mostly rock/alternative indie with sprinkles of emo and rap.”  Mikayla, 20


“I like pop, hip hop, rap, alternative pop rock, my favorite artists and bands are Zayn Malik, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, the 1975, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Kanye West, Post Malone, Tyler the Creator, Ice Cube, Neck Deep, and The Story So Far.”  Savana, 23


“It’s all music that sounds great when you’re high, but I discover it all sober. But I’ve also been told people feel like they belong in a movie when I play my music.”  Katharine, 20


“I’d like to say that I have a very diverse music taste, but the genres I listen to the most would probably be rock and metal. But I also love indie, classic rock, hip hop, and R&B.”  Sam, 21


“Anything but country, quote it.” Tyler, 21


“My taste in music is pretty flexible, it changes based on the day. I always have a few favorite artists that I can listen to no matter what my mood is though!”  Jackson, 20


“I’d say my music taste is all encompassing. I like a little bit of everything. Alternative rap has definitely been my go to for the past few years but I’m always looking for intense, loud music.” Mattie, 20


“I would say I listen to country the most! I love anything from Kane Brown, to Alabama. I also listen to soundtracks! The Mamma Mia! soundtrack is my favorite!”  Celia, 19


“I am obsessed with Maroon 5. I am a user of them for the 6th time this summer, but other than that I listen to mostly country music.”  Adriana, 20


“Honestly I’m a true emo at heart, although it’s kinda obvious on the outside too. I love the classics like My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco. It’s kind of a culture I’ve been a part of since I was 13.”  Kayley, 19


“This is my least favorite ‘icebreaker’ question; I always respond with ‘I’m so boring, I like whatever’s on the radio.”  Mary Elizabeth, 21


“My music taste is oldies but I like a bit of everything.”  Julia, 20


“I mostly listen to pop music, but I have a lot of random songs from other genres in my Spotify library, too! My favorite singer is Halsey and most of the time I just listen to her music on repeat.”  Victoria, 21