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10 Reasons Why Internships Are Worth It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

1. Hands on experience

You finally get to learn what you’ve been studying to do while in college! While learning in a classroom is useful, getting out of a classroom and into a crash course of the workforce is also beneficial to your education.

2. Get course credit

Again, you can benefit and learn outside of the classroom! You can get a credit for your major or in place of an elective.

3. Building connections

Once you start the job search you’ll find it’s important to network. An internship is a great place to start building your network. Your supervisor could help you get a job where you’re working or know someone who could help you find a job. Even if it’s not a job they can help you prepare for the job hunt and know how to stand out.

4. Learning new skills and improving the ones you have

5. Keeps you busy

Having an internship could also help you keep busy

6. Helps you decide on what you want to pursue

An internship can help you make up your mind on what you want to do for a career. It can assure that you want to continue what your internship does or you may decide the industry is not for you. It’s better to realize that as an intern.

7. Looks great on a resume

Internships show you know what you’re doing and have the experience in the field you’re in.

8. You can find a paid internship

You can get paid for your work in addition to course credit or instead of it. Who doesn’t want to get paid for their work?

9. Get out of your comfort zone

10. You’re able to make mistakes

It’s better to make a mistake as an intern than if you were in a higher position. And, honestly, as an intern you’re almost expected to make mistakes because you’re there to learn. So don’t worry if you mess up a little thing!

Graduate from Framingham State University. Communication Arts major, and Writing minor. Former Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Framingham and current After College writer! I'm passionate about tv shows, comedy, music, and cheese fries and take them all very seriously.