Your Anti-Valentine's Day Wish List

Well Valentine's Day is creeping up again. There's only one way to put this so here it is: some of us just don't want to deal. But, if you're not valentining it doesn't mean you can't be celebrating. We've got a special anti-Valentine's Day wish list for you. 

1. #Single Crop Top - so you can let the world know that you're not wasting your time with that sh!z this year. 

2. Grumpy Cat Stuffie - he hates Valentine's Day more than you do. 

3. Ain't No Wifey Beanie - in case the #single crop top isn't for you.


4. "I Heart Me" Pillow - you know the importance of putting yourself first. 

5. Solid Boybrief - one pair of the least sexy underwear to be as unromantic as possible ~panty lines~