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You Must See Captain America: The Winter Soldier (No Spoilers!)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.


Just when you thought you had enough convincing about whether or not you should see the second installment of Captain America, another comes your way. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was simply stunning, as you have most likely heard already. The story itself was phenomenal and epic, and the surprising moments in the film hooked me as a viewer. The movie was first class, to say the least. The story was massive. It was such an impressive and smart adaption of the comics. Fans familiar with Marvel Comics know the exact plot and will be more than pleased with cameos and references, which definitely builds excitement for The Avengers 2.

Chris Evans (good heavens, please love me with your massive muscles) has never been a better Cap. It was hard not to enjoy Steve Rogers, because of his strong affection and loyalty for good ‘ol America, instead of S.H.I.E.L.D. or the government. How good and honest he was portrayed as made him everyone’s favorite Marvel hero on the spot (or at least for the excellent 2 ½ hours spent in the theater).

Please, please go to the theater to watch this film. Better yet, run. The intense action scenes, the great acting, the epic plot twist, the gorgeous Captain, and seriously kickass Black Widow will have you hooked. This film went on with a great pace that wasn’t too fast or too slow, and one that leaves you wanting more after the end-credits have stopped rolling. It was such a great sequel, the title should be Captain This-is-How-You-Actually-Do-A-Sequel: The Winter Soldier.