Writer Spotlight: Emily Dwelle

In the spirit of celebrating our current staff of writers, the Her Campus Fordham chapter has set out with a Writer Spotlight Series initiative! First up: Emily Dwelle.

Emily Dwelle is a Junior at Fordham Rose Hill with a History Major & Journalism Minor. Emily joined Her Campus Fordham as a Freshman & immediately found a passion for writing for a female-run, female-oriented blog. She has always had a real passion for writing — she wrote for her high school newspaper & a local magazine in her hometown. "I wanted to continue writing in college, and I think I was also trying to find myself as a female and an individual when I first moved to New York. Receiving guidelines on what true female empowerment is and means through the Her Campus organization has taught me more than I could imagine."

Emily initially started at Her Campus by writing tip-list articles on holiday traditions, but more recently she has found another voice, discussing modern societal &/or political issues that will educate & make a true impact on her readers. "I feel like I’ve learned so much regarding women, LBGTIQ individuals, etc. through global research at my current communications internship, and Her Campus has given me a wonderful platform to speak out on standing up for equality and advocacy for all different kinds of groups. Female college students are trying more and more to discover who they truly are and how they can be independent in the real world. Reflecting on all of these thoughts through my written work has really allowed me to grow and learn much more about certain issues."

Emily is looking to continue her fight for historically-disadvantaged groups in law school & advocate through writing on the intersectionalities of race, gender, class, sexuality, & gender identity. She hopes that her written work will allow her to make the world a better place, no matter how small the feat, & encourages others that feel a deep passion for writing to join Her Campus!

Check out all of the articles Emily has written for us in the past here, & be sure to give her most recent pieces from this semester a read:

Keep an eye out for Emily's future work &, if you'd like, keep up with her on social media!