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Why You Should Get Excited for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is sometimes overlooked due to it falling in the middle of Halloween and Christmas, but it’s still a really important holiday. There’s numerous reasons as to why you should be excited: 

  • The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is watching the parade. I love watching it while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared!

(Central Park) 

  • Thanksgiving episodes of your favorite shows.
  • Family. There’s not many things that are better than spending quality time with your loved ones. 

  • Taking a break from school. Even though it’s not that much time off, it’s still nice to be able to take a break from schoolwork. 

  • Opportunities to give back. Food banks, businesses, and other charity organizations give you numerous opportunities to give your clothing, food, and time, to those who truly need it the most.

  • Friendsgiving!

  • Naps. After consuming Thanksgiving dinner, it’s a great idea to rest from all the food that you’ve had. 

  • Black Friday shopping. Even though it can be chaotic, it’s still super fun to shop for deals. 

  • Food. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the amazing food! 

  • Dessert. Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dish, but saving room for dessert is a must. There are so many types of desserts including pies such as pumpkin, apple, pecan, the list goes on.

  • Football. Even if you’re not a fan, it’s something to leisurely watch while you’re with your family. 

  • We’re getting closer to Christmas! Now it’s acceptable to listen to Christmas music (which we’ve obviously already been doing) and put up Christmas decorations!

  • A reminder of gratitude. What would Thanksgiving be without the acknowledgement of all the things that you have to be thankful for? 

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