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Why Should Everyone Go to Thanks-Give-Away

On a night that could only be described as a snowy nightmare, one event provided a warm relief from the first snowstorm of the winter season. On November 15th, Fordham’s Thanks-Give-Away, sponsored by Commuter Student Association, is arguably one of the best events of the year, fostering community by showcasing performances of various Fordham groups from Fordham Flava and Candela Latina to The Hot Notes. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Thanks-Give-Away is not only platform for performance, but an annual themed fundraiser whose proceeds are donated to an organization in need. This year, the fundraiser took on the theme Arabian Nights, hoping to raise money and food donations for a local Bronx food pantry called Part of the Solution (POTS).

Thanks-Give-Away had a great turnout this year, filling McGinley’s second floor with the sounds of joyous people, eating food, playing laser tag, and enjoying the performances as they unfolded. The event was centered around performances from Fordham Flava, the Hot Notes, Fordham Falak, Fordham’s very own ballerina, and Candela Latina. Participants were able to grab food and settle in to enjoy the showcase of a variety of cultures from all around the world. The ticket to Thanks-Give-Away also included five raffle tickets that could be placed for a spot in the running for any of the twenty prizes donated by various organizations and departments of the university. The raffle prizes included experiences such as a dinner with deans to an Amazon Echo Dot. What was most notable, however, was not the delicious food, or the talented performances, but the way that the Fordham community came together, both resident and commuter, to celebrate one of the most thankful times of the year.

This event is one of the few where the easily divisible resident and commuter populations alike join, unapologetically, in an experience that embraces the various communities of Fordham. While subtle, the divide between residents and commuters remains a prominent difference in the college experience of each brand of Fordham student. Yet, Thanks-Give-Away not only strives to be a welcoming environment for all, but succeeds in its goal. The event not only unites the students, but the greater Bronx community as well in its contributions to POTS. Another divide easily visible in the Fordham community is the separation of Fordham University from the greater Bronx community. The success that Thanks-Give-Away cultivates in its attendance translates into direct benefits for the greater Fordham community, incorporating service in the most mundane of ways to an overall enjoyable event. It is safe to say that the event highlights what is most important about the Thanksgiving and holiday season, unity across labels and fun funding a worthy cause.


Lucianne is a International Political Economy major at Fordham University, interested leadership initiatives on Fordham's campus as well as travel. This second year college student also enjoys a good meme and will take any recommendations for good skin care regimes!!
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