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Okay, readers, you know him. You love him. It's about time we talk about the Grinch. With the 2018 Benedict Cumberbatch animated Grinch in theaters and Christmas right around the corner, this article comes at a convenient time to remind you why Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the best movie of all time. For these purposes, we will be speaking about the 2000 Jim Carrey version. 

First of all, the Grinch is hilarious. This movie is 110 minutes of non-stop laughter. From his sarcasm to his witty sense of humor, the Grinch knows how to get a laugh. I mean, his outgoing voicemail message is threatening anyone who leaves a voicemail message. Why not just disable all voicemail options? Because that would defeat all comedic purposes. 

His sarcasm is unparalleled by any other character of the the comedic genre of film. His comments are so quick and sharp. You just know he would win any diss battle. 

But, of course, the Grinch is more than his sense of humor. He is a self care king. He knows the importance of spending a little quality time with yourself. A little down time never hurt anybody. In fact, taking a day to oneself is crucial every now and then. Also, he gets the importance of cutting toxic people out of our lives. If a person is not beneficial to our self esteem or is actually harmful for our self perception, it is okay to exclude them from our lives. 

Lastly, the Grinch is perhaps one of the most relatable characters of all time. I mean, he just wanted to be left alone to live on his mountain with his dog. Don't we all want that at some point? Moreover, he gets the true struggle everyone has experienced at least one point in their life about not wanting to go out without the right outfit. He knows the struggle of boredom: suddenly having a free schedule and not knowing how to pass the time. 

So there you have it: the Grinch is the hero who nobody asked for but who we all needed. 

Miranda is a commuter junior at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus, where she majors in English and minors in psychology, and is a commuter freshman mentor. Born and raised in New Jersey, she loves everything about the garden state, from the endless highways to the excess of diners. She's an aspiring writer and hopes to have a career as a director for first year experience at a university someday.
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