Why Everyone Should Be Watching Love Island

Everyone has to have heard of the most amazing new craze hailing all the way from the UK — the half-reality show, half-competition Love Island. While the US has recently created a version of their own, nothing compares to the loads of British accents, styles, and picture-perfect European locations of Love Island UK. The last 5 seasons have been filled with love, friendships, drama, fights, &, the best part, twists & turns that no one ever expects.

Without giving anything away for those of you who have yet to watch, let's get into the nitty gritty of just how Love Island works. Essentially, 5 super-tan girls & 5 super-fit boys are first sent to an exclusive villa in Spain to find love. Seems great, right? While everything starts out all unicorns & rainbows, new girls & new guys, public voter dumpings, sexy & telling challenges & games, re-couplings, and so much more, leaves viewers speechless again & again. After 7 weeks of pure reality gold, only a few couples will remain & the public then gets to vote for their favorite one.

Rooting for your favorite, seemingly solid couple since day 1? BOOM a new girl comes in & turns the guy's head & all hell breaks loose. Developing a strong hatred for a girl who steps on everyone toes & stirs the pot? WHAM she gets to go on dates with 2 hot newbies & they end up fighting over her. While it's super frustrating in the moment, Love Island never goes as planned, & never the way you wish it would. But that's the beauty of it!

I'm telling you, if you're looking for a new series to binge-watch with your roomies on a night in, get your Hulu account up & give Love Island a try. You will not be disappointed!