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Tumblr 101: From the Voice of an Addict

Fascinated by the world of blogging, I decided in the spring of 2009 that I wanted to create my own blog.  I wanted an outlet to express and share my interests with the world-wide web. Blogging sites such as WordPress did not seem to fit me, and honestly I am not the most tech-savvy person so it was a bit overwhelming. Then a friend told me about Tumblr — after a few hours of creating my account I was hooked.

Tumblr is considered a micro-blogging site that combines aspects of other social media sites such as Twitter and Flickr. It allows you to easily share text posts, pictures, audio, video and web links. Tumblr is also extremely user friendly. Bloggers set up their account and can choose other Tumblr pages they want to follow, and other users can decide to follow your account as well. Posts from individual users can then be “reblogged” which is the same concept as “retweeting”, and  the post reappears on the reblogger’s page.

The part that I love about Tumblr is that there is a countless communities for whatever interest a person could possibly have — for this nerdy Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars loving, fashion obsessed curvy college girl (who is a Disney princess at heart), I have found a platform where I can express all my different interests, and I have found bloggers from across the country and even globally that have similar interests.

Tumblr soon became a regular part of my daily life — it was a platform that gave me an easy way to express myself and share and connect with other bloggers in the same manner.

Tumblr is a fast growing platform, especially among young adults and adolescents. Whether your interests are fashion, movies, music, television, health, fitness, food, and so on; Tumblr has a community that you can find a home for your own blog.

As a Tumblr addict, and a loyal writer and reader for Her Campus Fordham I have combined these two loves to form a Tumblr for Her Campus Fordham. This blog will focuses on the six content pillars of Her Campus: style, beauty, health, love, life, and career. In addition this blog will be specific to NYC and the Fordham community.

Make sure to follow the HC Fordham Tumblr!

Emily attended Fordham University and majored in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in journalism and a minor in Political Science. A wicked Massachusetts girl at heart who loves writing, shopping, and spending time with loved ones. Emily is constantly looking for new adventures and finds herself eternally wanderlust.  
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