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Top Winter Beauty Trends for 2015

If, for some bizzare reason, you haven’t noticed, winter is upon us. With each season comes tons of new beauty trends to try. Here are some of my faves, but, keep in mind that you can indeed wear these looks even when Eddie’s isn’t covered in ice and snow!

Dark Lipstick – A classic look for this time of year, dark lips are the perfect way to add a little flair to your daily makeup routine. Keep in mind that dark lip colors do tend smudge/bleed, so fill in your lips with a liner that matches your natural lip color, or a primer, to help the hue stay put. Do keep the rest of your look simple, as the dark shade can be overwhelming. Tip: If the idea of wearing a deep lip color around campus gives you heart palpitations,  try tapping the lipstick on with your finger or a brush, like I often do.  You have more control, and can opt for a softer, yet buildable, “just bitten” look. (Try: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry $7-$8, drugstores and online)

Bold Brows – Thanks to Cara Delevingne, and other bushy-browed beauties, Audrey Hepburn-esque arches are all the rage. Groomed brows can add instant definition and polish to your face. To get the look, you could go for the good ol’ pencil, but for brows that are less harsh and more natural, try filling them in with eyeshadow on a brush or tinted gel instead. Whatever format you choose, make sure it’s a color that’s either slightly lighter or exactly the same shade as your brows. And remember, less is more! (Try: Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Sculpting Gel in various shades $7-$8, drugstores and online)

Rosy Cheeks – Ever notice how you have such a pretty, lively flush after working out? Well, don’t worry, no need to jog to get the look! Simply find a rosy pink or even reddish toned blush in a cream or powder formula (brighter colors work very well for this but do be careful), and with a big fluffy brush or your fingers, lightly apply blush to your cheeks, blending really well. But don’t stop there! Swirl or tap the product towards your temples and dust a teeny tiny bit on your nose and chin. Why? These are the places where color naturally appears on your face, so placing blush there results in the cleanest, most natural looking flush.  (Try: ELF Studio Powder Blush in Pink Passion, $3, eyeslipsface.com and Target)

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