Things to do in New York City to Brave the Winter

One thing that any resident, tourist, or student living in New York City can count on is the countless amounts of restaurants and events going on no matter what season it is. Even though New York City definitely experiences winter weather from temperatures to snow, that definitely does not stop the accessibility to delicious food, drinks, and fun activities. Because New York City offers its residents and tourists an abundant amount of ways to travel throughout the city, getting from location to location without getting too cold is very easy. From calling an uber to taking the subway to even walking on more mild days, traveling around the city is not an issue. I, personally, am a student at Fordham in the Bronx which is north of Manhattan; however, I have been able to go to many areas in the city this semester with such ease. 

One of the reasons why New York City is so great is because of the variety of activities and restaurants that it offers. When most people think of museums, typically the idea of art pops into their head, but Manhattan offers an array of fun museums that are great for college students to venture to especially with student discounts. The Museum of Ice Cream just recently opened in the city and is a great combination of interactive exhibitions and everyone's’ favorite dessert- ice cream! From a pool of sprinkles to a whole room of hanging bananas- the Museum of Ice Cream offers so many fun ways to enjoy a summer treat during the winter. Another fun museum that does include art is the Whitney Museum. This museum offers a perfect combination of outdoor and indoor exhibitions. The Whitney offers many modern exhibitions which can be especially interesting and intriguing. Another cool aspect of the Whitney is the outdoor deck which shows guests some outdoor sculptures with the perfect view of the downtown skyline to take pictures with. 

Museum of Ice Cream

New York City is home to some of the best food in the world, sometimes that food can also come with a very hefty price tag. Speaking as a college student, it can definitely be hard to find the perfect combination of good food at a fun restaurant, without having to spend an immense amount of money. One of the best ways to combat this dilemma is Restaurant Week! Restaurant Week includes many restaurants in different areas of the city. You can go to the restaurant during lunch and dinner and get a combination of an appetizer, entree, and dessert for a reasonable price. Some of the restaurants involved in restaurant week are Vandal, Beauty and Essex, Freemans, Fig and Olive, Bagatelle, and Bodegra Negra. Normally, most of these restaurants can be out of the price range of college students, but restaurant week gives you a great excuse to treat yourself to a delicious meal at a reasonable price.

Personally, one of my favorite parts of winter is being able to do winter activities outside. Even though it can definitely be cold being able to go ice skating is always such fun. There are many rinks in the city from Pier 17, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Bryant Park. All rinks provide the ability to rent skates and then you can ice skate throughout the park. One of my personal favorite aspects of the rink at Bryant Park is the fact that Bryant Park also has the Winter Village which has various mini pop up stores that sell things from jewelry to handbags, to beauty products. Bryant Park also has a food hall which has many restaurants with various foods. Also in the Winter Village are stands that sell delicious and unique food and desserts. 

Bryant Park

New York City offers so many great activities and delicious restaurants which can hopefully help make the cold and dreary winter days of the semester be a little more fun and make getting to warmer spring days much easier!