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Spookiest Spots at Fordham

We’ve all had a spooky moment or two here at Fordham — a noise you can’t explain, a shadow in the corner at night, maybe even the ghost of a little girl in the Martyr’s shower. Let me break down all of the spookiest spots on campus that you must visit this Halloween in order to get your fill of our haunted campus. 

  1. Keating: One night in the ’70s, a security guard was taking a break (read: taking a nap) in Keating’s basement when all of the sudden the chairs in the basement room that he was in began to move and slam themselves into the walls. It is said that this guard ran out of the building and never came back to campus again. 
  2. Martyr’s: Martyr’s Court’s bathrooms are notorious for being the favorite hiding place of the ghost of a little girl. You can look for her feet under the shower curtain before you get out if you suspect she’s there, but honestly, it won’t help. You never see her feet beneath the curtain, but when you pull it back you will see the apparition of a young blonde girl staring straight ahead at you. Try not to drop your towel when you see her, that would just be embarrassing!
  3. Hughes: The building we now know as housing all things Gabelli was not always Fordham’s business school. It was once used to film a few scenes from The Exorcist in 1973 and has had its own ghost child ever since. It has been reported that there is the apparition of a young boy wandering the halls of Hughes, but maybe he’s just looking for his friend in Martyrs. 
  4. Finlay: Before Finlay became the cool dorm with the lofts, it was Fordham’s medical school and therefore housed hundreds of cadavers. This eerie history has certainly led to speculation about the status of Finlay Hall as haunted. Students have reported feeling something grabbing at their throats at night, as well as the sensation of their toes being tagged as if they were a corpse. 

So this Halloween when you’re wondering the best way to spend your night, why not freak yourself out a little by exploring the most haunted spots on campus? There’s nothing like finding all of the ghosts that inhabit where you live to make you feel more at home this Halloween season!

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