Spending Thanksgiving Away From Home

Thanksgiving is coming up and if you’re like me, you won’t be spending it at home with those you consider family. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t have an enjoyable holiday! Whether you are across an ocean or across a city, being away from those that you hold dear can make spending the holidays alone very difficult. 

If you and a few of your friends are all in the same boat and will not be with family over this Thanksgiving break, have a big "friends-giving!" This does not need to be a Gordon Ramsey level meal here, ladies. Get some boxed macaroni and cheese if that’s the only thing you know how to make. You can make hand turkeys on construction paper like you’re kids again and watch the parade with your friends. Spending the day with people that you have chosen to be your family and friends will make your Thanksgiving more enjoyable rather than if you’re by yourself.

If you're in New York City over Thanksgiving break, go with some friends and watch the parade in person! Being around thousands upon thousands of other people will most definitely take your mind off of the people that you’re missing for a little while and you’ll have some great memories with your friends.

And if you aren’t able to spend time with your friends from school this Thanksgiving, use your break for some relaxation time! Grab yourself a delicious festive meal and watch your favorite Christmas movies. There are no rules on how to appreciate and celebrate Thanksgiving and if it would make your day easier to reschedule your celebration with your friends and family, then do it!

Embrace the spirit of the season and reflect on what you hold dear to your heart. When you think about your family and remind yourself how they positively affect your life, they will never be that far away.