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The Single Girl’s Guide to a Solo Valentine’s Day: Do’s and Don’ts

DO Celebrate With Self Care

Let’s face it: a Valentine’s Day spent alone can be really depressing; though you can spend the night with your shadow for company and still spread the love.  Self love, that is. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself a little more than usual.  Paint your nails, or throw on a face mask. Use that luxe body lotion gathering dust in the back of your cabinet, or whip up a DIY conditioning treatment for your hair. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, but remember that just because Valentine’s Day is all about PDA and cute couples on romantic dates, doesn't mean you have to neglect your own self.


DON’T Watch Chick Flicks

I know, I know, I’m definitely breaking with tradition on this one, but hear me out. I highly recommend avoiding rom-coms, or movies like The Notebook or Titanic this Valentine’s Day.  Trust me, single gals, those types of films  are just going to make you feel like absolute crap. They probably will drudge up old memories and leave you a in a puddle of tears, or turn you into the green eyed monster. Everyone watches rom-coms on Valentine’s Day, and do you really want to be like everyone else? Plus, the bookstores only has so many boxes of Kleenex for you to buy.  If you do want to have a movie night, go for something new, Here are a few suggestions

-Wonder Woman (‘nuff said)

-The Guest (Dan Stevens’ first post-Downton Abbey project frrom 2014. Very Bourne Identity-esque with some great shirtless bits...You’re welcome). 

-Poison Ivy (a 90s grunge thriller featuring an adorable 17 year old Drew Barrymore. If you liked American Beauty, you’ll love this one. It’s got great fashion inspo, too). 


DON’T Raid the Candy Aisle at Walgreens

As tempting as it is, try not to overindulge on those chocolate boxes and heart lollipops. They’re full of refine sugars, and they’ll give you a bad belly ache.  And there’s no guarantee that mass produced chocolate end your romantic woes all by itself. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, bake a batch of brownies (cooking’s a great stress buster). Or, check out some fancy artisanal chocolate with an interesting twist. Chicago-based chocolatier Voges has lots of yummy options. My favorite is their dark chocolate bar with bacon bits.  Available here.


DO Share the Love

Traditional Valentine’s Day marketing has us convinced that the holiday’s all about romantic love. But, don’t forget, there are many other loving relationships worth celebrating on February 14th. After all, where would you be without your parents’ support, your besties smile or your dog’s wet kisses? So if you’ve been meaning to catch up with your Aunt or Facetime with your mom, Valentine’s Day is the perfect to tell a loved one that you care for them. 

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