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Senior Staff Series: Katherine Beisel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

Graduation: 2018

Major: Communications and Culture

Minor:  Marketing

Favorite thing about FU: 

The first day it’s finally warm outside and everyone’s attitude changes. Then the mad rush to Eddie’s to get a good spot and soak up as much sun as possible.

Favorite Fordham memory(-ies):  

I just started scrolling through my camera roll to jog my memory, and I have three from the last two weeks. I’m going to do everyone a favor and keep it short by saying every time all of my friends have gotten together and laughed the night away. With that begin said, this past Spring Break was pretty amazing.

How does it feel to be graduating? 

It doesn’t feel like anything yet, because I’m suppressing my emotions. I’ve had a constant pit in my stomach for the past few months because I knew that eventually graduation would be real. I just keep telling myself I have a few more weeks, and it’s been working. Catch me having a mental breakdown at approximately 5 p.m. on May 19th, 2018.  

What are your plans post-grad? 

To make as much money as I can doing a job I am really passionate about. I also love the idea that I can go start a life wherever I want to. It’s so cool to apply to jobs in Chicago or San Francisco, and imagine building a life there.

What are you going to miss the most? 

Being minutes away from all of my friends. I’m so lucky to have such a core group of friends that all love each other so much, and have all been around for years. It’s going to be tough once we’re spread out around the country (or world!). Being able to run across the street to borrow a dress, or get everyone together to hang out in a matter of minutes are definitely things I’ve taken for granted.

What was your favorite class at Fordham and why? 

Gender and Sexuality Studies with Aseel Sawalha

Originally I disliked this class. I took it to count for a lot of core requirements, and I didn’t know much about the topics we were discussing. The class is set up a little differently, because it’s majority student-run. Before each class, Professor Sawalha gives several articles to read, and then you have to post a comment on Blackboard. By the third class, I realized I was totally entranced in what everyone had to say. While I have never been big on student participation (I hate speaking in class) it was easy because you prepared your statement for homework. Professor Sawalha is very fair, and often asks students opinions on due dates and where we want the class to go/what our interests are. If you’re interested in Gender and Sexuality Studies or Anthropology, or you have to take this class for a requirement at Lincoln Center, I would definitely recommend!

What’s your favorite Arthur Avenue restaurant? 

I should probably think a little harder for this one, but honestly Michaelangelo’s is always my go-to. The food is good and it’s nice to sit in the back with the natural light.

What is your advice for future rams? 

My Dad always tells me to “use the school for all it’s worth,” and at Fordham this is so important. There are a ton of opportunities here, especially since we are in New York City. Pick out a talk show or concert or sporting event or anything that interests you and go to it! Also, make sure you join all of the clubs and groups that you can, it’s a great way to make friends! Lastly, try not to stress out, especially underclassmen. These are the easiest and most selfish years of your life! Chill out and enjoy.

What should all underclassmen do before graduating? 

Visit Prince Bakery all the way at the end of Arthur! It’s an underrated coffee shop, and the perfect place to take your laptop and study. I wish I took more advantage of it.

Metro North, D Train or Ram Van? 

Metro North every time

Bronx Zoo or Botanical Gardens? 

Botans! If you’re a runner, check it out. I try to go 3 or 4 times a week, it’s a beautiful place for a jog. Fordham students get in for free!

Best sandwich at Rams? 

I’m a Big Red fan. I also love the Hashtag in the morning after a night out.

What’s your go-to karaoke song? 

‘No Air’ by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown

Artist you’d most want to see in concert? 

Honestly, I’m on a Russ kick right now, not sure how long it’ll last. I’d also love to see Post Malone, Drake, G-Eazy, Trey Songz, 6LACK, the list could go on forever.

Dream job? 

Greasing Anthony Joshua’s body before he boxes. If you’re interested in boxing, or boys, you should definitely watch his documentary on Netflix.

Name three celebrities you’d most want in your squad.

Jessie James Decker, Khalid, and Casey Neistat  

What are you watching on Netflix right now? 

I am watching The Following and New Girl because I have to balance out the scary with funny.