Rocelyn Dacre, FCRH'17

Name: Rocelyn Dacre

School/Year: FCRH '17

Hometown: Novato, California

Major: Pyschology 

Can you talk about your involvement on campus? I'm the President of the Gaelic Society and the Treasurer of Sláinte: Fordham Irish Dance. I've been on both clubs since Freshman year! I'm also going on GO! Nashville over Spring Break and was a New Student Orientation leader in the fall.

What's one thing about you, you wished everyone knew? I really love to sing! I just never do it because singing in front of a lot of people is scary. Props to people who can!

What are your funniest moments from Sláinte? Funniest moments from Sláinte have really been the last half hour of any of our practices. Being delusionally tired makes us pretty hilarious.

What are your hopes for Sláinte and Gaelic Society in the future?  I hope that Sláinte and Gaelic Society will continue to have a great presence on campus and that Irish Night will grow into a bigger and better event every year!

Favorite Fordham Memory? My favorite Fordham memories are the first Irish Night (last year) and leading New Student Orientation. They were both really special to me because they made me realize how much I love Fordham and the community here.

Guilty Pleasure? Dogs and babies.

Three celebrities you would want as part of your squad? Amy Poehler, Mariska Hargitay and Mindy Kaling

If you could say one thing to Father McShane, what would it be? Thank you.

Favorie thing about Fordham: When you choose Fordham, you choose love. (I totally stole that from Stephen Esposito, but it's true).

What's one thing everyone should do before they graduate? Find a group, a team, a class or a club that is made of people that let you be you and open yourself up to the world. I think once you know you can do that you know you're ready to go out and kick ass. Also, see any Fordham Acapella show. They're amazing.