Profile: Caitlin Calio

Name: Caitlin Calio

School: FCRH '18

Major and Minor: Major in Psychology, minor in Italian language

Campus Involvement: Mimes and Mummers, Let’s Get Ready, Jumpstart, Intramural sports (soccer and volleyball usually)

Favorite Hobby: Besides watching Netflix (lol) I really enjoy making things. Anything creative whether it’s a craft or some sort of art project, it relaxes me and gives me a great break from the stress of school work.

What’s was your favorite childhood Halloween costume?: Well, one year in middle school (and a lot of my close friends have seen the picture) I dressed as the most hideously scary clown. I had a rainbow wig, face paint, the whole nine-yards. I thought it was like being undercover because no one could tell who I was under all the face paint. It is one of my most cringey moments but it has made so many people laugh I can’t really be mad about it.

Favorite Part of Mimes: The people! I love them. I love how committed they are and what amazing beautiful things we are all able to create together. They are all so devoted in the club and it comes from a genuine love for theatre. It is so incredible to be able to work with so many talented and lovely people.

What ice cream flavor would you be and why?: Probably chocolate chip cookie dough because I’m sweet and full of surprises!

How does being onstage performing make you feel?:

Go To Karaoke Song: Either something by Britney or Rich Girl by Hall and Oates

What is the best thing about being a senior (so far?): I don’t feel pressured socially in the same way I did in past years at Fordham. I really just am able to do what I want and not really care that much about being judged. There’s a freedom in not caring so much.

What does your volunteer work mean to you?: This year I have actually taken on more volunteer work. I am a part of Let’s Get Ready (teaching SAT prep to underprivileged students in the area) and I recently started volunteering with Jumpstart which aims to help prepare children in preschool for the start of kindergarten by improving their Literacy skills. To me volunteering has been extremely rewarding. Not only is it a great opportunity to get experience in the education field (a career option I am considering) but it is also a way to spend my times that makes me feel like I am impacting another person’s life in a positive way.

How do you balance the work of senior year with maintaining a social life & extracurriculars?: lol barely...jk lots of slow deep breaths and panicked calls to my mom. Honestly as lame as it sounds the best thing I can say is time-management. I get shit done when it needs to be done. I also make copious color-coded lists and calendars to keep myself in check.

In a perfect world, what would you be doing after graduation?:  I originate a role on Broadway, win a Tony real quick, and then work as a Special Ed Teacher.