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Product Review: Innisfree Cica Balm Imperfection Care

Innisfree’s Cica Balm Imperfection Care mask is soft and creamy, perfect for summer days when you don’t want to wear makeup out of the house! When I put this mask on, I could instantly feel the moisture soaking into my face and I knew that I would wake up the next morning with refreshed skin. On nights when I can feel a blemish starting to appear, I use this mask as a spot treatment and it clears things up overnight! My skin has been noticeably less red ever since I started using the this Innisfree product and I have been recommending it to all of my friends. It is gentle enough not to irritate your skin, but strong enough to get rid of stubborn blemishes that won’t seem to leave. If you’re looking for a full face mask that doubles as a spot treatment, without having to worry about irritating your skin, definitely try this product! Get glowing, blemish-free skin with Innisfree!

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