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#OverheardAtFordham: No. 8

Happy November, collegiettes! I eavesdropped hard this past month so you didn't have to. Enjoy! 

1. Nutrition Facts

"If you're gonna eat a salad, you might as well not eat anything."

2. False Expectations

"The dorm was nice! It had a walk-in closet."

[Author's Note: We're lookin' at you, Loyola.]


"Do you still like him?"

"Yeah, but I don't know why."

4. Too Far  

"I was thinking of 'gramming it." 

5. #Swerve

"So I guess he went in for a kiss, and she dapped him up."

6. Career Paths

"If I had to be a Barista for Park Slope moms, I would set myself on fire."



Olivia is a junior at Fordham University. She is a Communications major from bright and sunny Southern California, but the East Coast is her second home. She actually does love long walks on the beach, but she also loves being a friend, sister, daughter, and aunt. Most importantly, she hopes her articles make you feel happy.
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