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Organizer Extraordinaire: Sarah Baltruweit


If you were strolling around campus this freshman move-in day, or went to see Collins Tuohy from The Blind Side speak in McGinley Ballroom, you have definitely run into Sarah Baltruweit.  Between being the co-chair of the American Age board of the Campus Activities Board, a New Student Orientation Assistant, and a Career Ambassador, this girl knows organization and motivation.  Sarah’s Campus Celeb profile will give a sneak peak behind the scenes of American Age. 


Name: Sarah Baltruweit

Where are you from? Springfield, Massachusetts

What year are you? Junior

What is your major? Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Marketing

What activities are you involved inCampus Activities Board, Fordham Career Ambassadors, New Student Orientation

How did you decide to come to Fordham? The location.  Being in NYC, it’s a great place to get internships, particularly in television. 

Do you have any tips for students who are trying to balance schoolwork, extracurriculars, and other obligations like internships? Time management, because you want to stay involved, but you can’t afford to fall behind in your schoolwork.  Don’t get too stressed out too! If you become seriously overwhelmed, you may need to eliminate something you’re not passionate about.

What’s your favorite thing about New York? There’s always something to do! You can go to movies, restaurants, Broadway.  You can never be bored.

Do you have a favorite NYC memory?  Probably when Peer Eds did a scavenger hunt all around the city.  It forced me to go to parts of the city I would’ve never gone to.

What’s on your NYC bucket list? I still haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty.  I’ve seen it from afar, but I would like to actually be on the island.

Do you have a favorite Fordham memory? I have a bunch of little memories, like going to games, etc. But I would have to say it was planning Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s visit for last year’s Spring Weekend.  It was so stressful up until that day, but the fact that it was such a successful event made me really happy, and the actual event was so much fun!

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Fordham? Children in the Media, because it was really interesting comparing technology accessible to kids today and when we were kids.  The entire class was kind of reminiscing about their childhoods, plus the professor made it enjoyable.

What’s your least favorite class you’ve taken at Fordham? I’m really not a numbers person, so the math and science related classes weren’t my favorite.

Where’s your favorite spot on campus? I love the new fountain area by Hughes, it doesn’t seem as busy as other spots on campus, and it is super pretty and pretty relaxing.

If you could give one piece of advice to a Fordham collegiette, what would it be? Get Involved! Clubs help you get to know your school better and figure out what you want to do after school, plus you make so many new friends and connections.  And they’re so much fun.

What’s your dream job? The marketing director of a big television network like ABC or CBS.

What do you think the best part of a Jesuit education is? Everyone is pretty accepting here, so no one really judges you.  It’s the kind of people a Jesuit institution brings together.  We all hold the same values of being a good person. 

Who is your favorite professor at Fordham? Professor Carlo DaVia, for Philosophical Ethics.  I thought I was going to DIE because of the class, but he made it fun and I was able to understand philosophy.  He was approachable, used fun examples, and helped break down what old philosophers were saying in the readings.

What’s one thing everyone would be surprised to learn about you? I handmade a bunch of stuff for my apartment, and I actually have a crafting blog. http://inspiredundergrad.weebly.com/


Pick one!

Bronx Zoo or Botanical Gardens? Bronx Zoo

Arthur Ave/Fordham Road? Arthur Ave

Cafeteria or Grille? If I had more DCB Grille, ‘cause of their smoothies. 

Conway or Dr. Jay’s? Conway

RamVan or Subway? The front of the RamVan

Met or MoMA? The Met

Hot Dog or Bagel? Bagel

Broadway or Off-Broadway? Broadway, I love Broadway shows, its one of my favorite things in the city.

Radio City or Madison Square Garden? Radio City, cause I’ve performed there twice.

Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge? Central Park, its more relaxing.

A senior in FCRH, Stephanie is a double major in Political Science and American Studies. She is from Eastchester NY, which is about 20 minutes away from Fordham. She is involved in the Fordham Dance Team, is a Secretary of the Residence Hall Association board, New Student Orientation, and various other clubs.
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